Project Cars 2

It is impossible to cover everything that comes to offer a title as Project Cars 2 in this analysis. Not so much for the game modes, but for the thousands of combinations that are produced by mixing each of its more than 180 vehicles and 60 tracks without having their variations, to which is added the new Live Track 3.0 factor , which it varies the tracks bot


h for the seasons of the year and for its variable weather and the time of day that we run. Master all these factors will be a titanic task that will take us hours, because with the right equipment you will notice every difference in these vehicles according to the condition


s of the asphalt. Well, asphalt and gravel, since the discipline of RallyCrossIt is added to this title and works surprisingly well. In addition, if you manage to master all that Project Cars 2 can offer in its individual modes, you will always have more game with its online modes , where races and counter-races are available everywhere in a series of limited time tests dedicated to the most expert .


Video Analysis


Burning rubber

But you have to go back to the beginning. At the origin of why we are talking today about Project Cars 2. The new installment of Slightly Ma

d StudiosIt is born mostly around an idea that the studio has been sharing since its origins. In the first place, many of the implementations that were happening to the team for the first game were impossible to add without completely changing the entire physics system of the wheels and their behavior on the asphalt, so they decided to c
reate everything, a new game around the full feedback they were collecting. His philosophy has been clear: not to be a more realistic game has to be more difficult. And if you have had the opportunity to test a powerful vehicle at a circuit, you will surely understand what Andy Tudor’s team is talking about; Driving athletically is difficult, of course, but not impossible. The difficult thing is to scratch those seconds to the chrono and to hurry each one of the curves.


Project Cars 2 analysis

Project Cars 2 PC

The weather conditions affect the track a lot and will make us stay alert at all times.

With a flier in your hands, the feedback you receive from all this new physics convinces in practically all the disciplines we have tried. Formula-like vehicles behave in a surprisingly realistic way as they pass through asphalt and pianos, but it is in the


braking that the race against oversteer begins and to achieve the right precision when negotiating the corners. We take the surprise to add the weather conditions , where we see how some circuits with rain help to dissipate the patination of the wheels of dry asphalt, while you have to pay attention to other factors, such as the puddles that form on the sides of throughout the duration of the race.


You will notice the condition of the tires according to their conditions. Since when they are cold and can play tricks on you; when they are at their optimum point and when they are worn out. You will notice if you enter a piano well or badly and how you should accelerate when leaving each curve. As in good simulators, all the mistakes you make provide a l


ot of information to correct them and improve in the next few laps. Then, of course, each car is not as punishing. It will not be the same a Ginetta that allows to correct the exit easily, that a Caterham with its runaway power where it will be necessary to be very precise with the acceleration or a Formula where to nail the braking and the direction.


Project Cars 2

The giant steps that Slightly Mad Studios is giving with only two deliveries are surprising

All this, although it seems like a truism, is enjoyed with a steering wheel in your hands. It is the ideal way to play Project Cars 2

, although the Slightly Mad Studios team wanted to try their best to convey the sensations of the race through a traditional command. Th
e game is perfectly viable with this option and as we say, it has greatly improved the control with a command with respect to the first game, but to take advantage of the times, temper the curves and correct each action of the vehicle, you have to spend late or early with a steering wheel and its force feedback.


In short, Project cars 2 complies in its most essential part: its new physics of wheels and the sensations of centrifugal force, stability and friction with the asphalt. Is there room for improvement? Of course. Is it the best in its category? Compared to the deepest simulat


ors dedicated in chassis and soul to online competition, probably not. The philosophy of Project Cars 2 is very different: create a simulator where you can run like, where and when you want. Do not forget the newcomers, who also have their place and way to be the next advanced players, with some visual aids as well as in the stability or braking of the vehicle, which like the first game can be activated or limited.


Project Cars 2 PC

Pianos can be a great point of support or very treacherous without being higher than the account or face them incorrectly. You will notice much of its effects on the wheels.

All in all, it is not free of errors. There is room for improvement for some difficult situations at the time of dealing with the curve and fly out of it, and tourism vehicles have a tendency too increased to understeer, causing us to force too much the machine to achiev


e the turn or doing some corrections in the own adjustment. But maybe where we have had the most problems is with the behavior of the collisions and the other vehicles on the track: yes, the classic problem. We do not worry too much about off-track collisions,


the aesthetic damage to the vehicle, since in Project Cars a collision of this type is usually synonymous with restarting the game session and in an online event to abandon the race, but we have more reluctance when facing collisions with other cars on the track.


If we are the ones who attack, we have seen a vehicle practically passing over us, but in most cases it has been a brake on us or a turn that the adversary has not taken into account and has made us destabilize the vehicle because the AI had a route something prefixed This route is not completely immovable and depends largely on the aggressiveness that we config


ure the AI, but reducing it makes things too easy because the other pilots will not try to overtake us, while fixing it very aggressively causes these types of mishaps that are really frustrating when we We are “nailing” an especially long race.