He came to win more than 60 awards at E3 2013, his presentation. Best of the event, best game console, PC, best action title, best multiplayer … Plain and simple, devastated. The hype stretched the more people tried it, the more impressions there were, to the point that it rose as the most anticipated release in the Video Game Awards that same year.


It was called to be the evolution of the genre first person shooter as we knew it, one of the few reasons capable of “selling” at that time Origin and Xbox One , the return of the best talents of Infiniy Ward , a new rival for Call of Duty and Battlefieldand the great exclusive of 2014 of Xbox One , which would happen a later invoice to him.

However, today, two and a half years after the sale of the original, and days of the release of its sequel, one does not finish removing the impression that it did not meet its objective, that it did not finish succeeding. And it is curious. It is, in the first place,


by its reception. The game achieved an average score of 86 in Metacritic (with a 9/10 in this same house). Second, by their numbers: more than ten


million units sold. He even influenced arcade-style sagas of the caliber of Call of Duty, which began to incorporate exoskeletons, double jumps and the option of touring the walls like Prince of Persia. What happened then?

Titanfall 2 (PC) screenshot

Of course, the mission of Titanfall 2 is not simple. Its tessitura is more complicated if it fits that the one that was found the mark the first time that it was released in consoles and PC. He has to prove that his formula can still give much more.


That its essence has more material to squeeze and take advantage of. That their novelties have not incorporated them and


assimilated the rest of the titles. You should see the face with two colossi to which this year is more difficult to shade than normal (which is already complicated), conquer an audience and a community like the PlayStation, which is alien, prove that it has supplied he was accused in the past (absence of campaign mode, little incentive for the


formation and settlement of a large and numerous community in his multiplayer, the minions as an excuse to not make the games bigger and fight the absence of players … etcétera), and all without losing the way that made him get those notes and sales, something that seemed to falter in the alpha technique last August.

TITANFALL 2 and its Campaign mode

The history of the campaign mode of Titanfall 2 is simple and simple, a mere premise for the evolution of events. In broad strokes and without wanting to enter to make spoiler some, we are the soldier Jack Cooper and we are in the process of training and training to become a pilot, which would make us members of one of the most outstanding and important elite


forces of the Militia , main allied faction of the fictional universe in which the plot is set. In the skin of Cooper and during one of our missions as mere


soldiers, we will go to explore an inhospitable planet, Typhon, where things will be more complicated than expected and we will be forced to take the reins of a titan, BTW-7272


, nicknamed BT to dry. Trapped in Typhon, incommunicado and BT as the only and faithful companion, we must learn to manage, develop our skills and go from one place to another as good messengers, following the instructions given by BT himself and the

soldiers of the Militia that we finding to come out alive. Based on completing objectives, starring different exploits and undermining the morale and


the number of enemy troops, we will have to prove to have hero’s wood and be worthy of the rank of pilot. Oh, and of course, of course, save the universe. Almost nothing.