Superhot shooter for PC offer to pick up for free and forever

Famous first-person shooter Superhot for the PC, which critics praised, offer players to pick up completely free and forever.

Winter holiday promotions are continuing, which allow players to absolutely get various games, reports. This time, fans of shooters were lucky. They can pick up a very unusual Superhot shooter. In this game, time moves at the speed at which the player moves. At any time, you can freeze to stop time and think about the next step. This is very important, since there is no health bar in Superhot – any hit kills the hero. Every step and every shot must be thought out and accurate, so the game is often called the “John Wick simulator.”

You can get Superhot shooter for free as part of the Epic Games Store service promotion, reports. Epic Games during the winter sale gives away one game every day for free. To take a shooter to your collection, you need to visit the official page of the project in EGS and click on the “Get” button. In addition to the story mode in Superhot, players have access to an endless mode in which the player is offered to hold out as long as possible against endless hordes of enemies. Campaign levels can also be re-run with new conditions: on one try, without weapons, and so on.

Superhot shooter was released on February 25, 2016. An independent studio worked on it. Superhot team.