Super Mario Odyssey, try three new worlds

There are games that emerge beneath a benevolent star, which right away receive an excellent audience response and are more convinced that players are worthy of their spasmodic expectation, commonly called hype. This is the case with Super Mario Odyssey, the exclusive Nintendo dedicated to the whimsical plumber, who has left open all the way, demonstrating how a historic IP can still reinvent itself for decades since its first appearance in the video gaming world.
In June, during the Los Angeles fair, we were able to make the first contact with the game, which had catapulted us into the two worlds that most of the trailers had shown us, the first in the desert and the second in the New Donk City subway. Now, we have finally been given the opportunity to broaden the horizons and see other three worlds: Cap Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom and Seaside Kingdom.

The first is where everything starts, but we will not go to tell you anything about history, to avoid an inglorious spoiler, while the other two belong to a later part of the adventure and will be an integral part of the game’s heart, but for the moment we do not know how nor when we will arrive.
But the things we can write about are really so many, because apart from the different characterization of each world, they are always alive, pulsating, and packed with potential activities. Imagine being catapulted into large maps, fully available to the player, who alternate in the exploration phase with platform platforms, more or less ingenious puzzles, and other characters to interact with and solve the proposed puzzles.

Playing within these worlds means dancing with wit, ingenuity and quickness on joycon keys. The hat flies with the fancy of the player, who will find a positive response whenever we fall into a new character to steal the garments, through the powers of the cute Cappy. The hat becomes an extension of our arm and it will be natural to use it with simplicity after the “tutorial” in Cap Kingdom.

Successfully completing one of the infinite sections of which the moons are unlocked, which are nothing more than the engine of our hat-shaped ship. Once we reach a certain number of them, we can go to the next world, but there will be no additional ones for anyone who wants to discover every aspect of the map.
Entering into the details of the individual worlds of Super Mario Odyssey , we first came to the one called Luncheon, whose name echoes Lunch, and where food is the key theme with pots, fruits and vegetables, and an autocton-shaped population fork with the chef hat to characterize it all.
Of course, the forks, which are made up of the games that make up the game platforms, some destructive, others do not, have the same function as New Donk City blades, which with the sling effect allowed us to reach seemingly impossible heights.
Once the first area of ​​the map has passed, you have access to some of the buildings, including the shop where you buy with the coins of that world the typical outfit (in this case the chef’s uniform), or with the classic coins generic ones. Some, in addition to an aesthetic value, have unimpeachable gameplay features, all over access to otherwise inaccessible areas.
Likewise, it becomes necessary to understand the features made available by the great variety of enemies present, including Koopa hammer launchers and fireballs, in order to be able to exploit all elements of the Super Mario Odyssey worlds in an appropriate way .
If you think all of this is wonderful, know that there is more to it, because the next world, Seaside Kingdom, has shown us that with a simple change of location, in this case marked by the beach, waves (including sea) is You can scramble the cards on the table.