“Streaming platforms will be a major industry trend” – Square Enix is ​​actively preparing for the cloud future

Square enix actively preparing for the cloudy future, where the main trends will be set not by consoles and personal computers, but by services of the type Google stadia. This was announced in a New Year’s message to employees and partners by the president of the company Yosuke Matsuda.

“Naturally, [сегодня] we face a huge number of difficulties, including technological obstacles that still have to be overcome, and the problems associated with high communication costs. However, we have no doubt that cloud gaming will become the main industry trend in the next five years, with the entry into the 5G era, “the report said.

The Japanese publisher is striving to keep pace with the times and is going to use the direction that is gaining momentum to stimulate its further growth. In particular, an increase in financial performance of the company should be helped by access to new markets where consoles and large console games are in no hurry to buy, since it is too expensive for local residents.

“Streaming will not only accelerate the move away from the traditional physical media sales model into the digital segment, but it can also lead to significant changes in business models, for example through the expansion of subscription services. We especially hope that cloud platforms will help open up new markets in developing regions,” such as India and South America, where traditional consoles have not found wide distribution.As the network infrastructure improves, cloud streaming will open gaming clients to such markets osistemy, eliminating the need for consoles and PC “- said Matsuda.

Square Enix believes that the release of traditional types of gaming products that are impossible on consoles can also accelerate the transition from traditional iron to clouds. The company itself is already working in this direction.

“In order for cloud platforms to grow, innovation will be required not only in the field of distribution of games, but also directly from the point of view of the gaming solutions themselves. We believe that new gaming features that cannot be implemented on traditional consoles will become the main driving force for the spread of cloud gaming “

Earlier, Google representatives noted that the power of the clouds, for example, could be used to produce large-scale multiplayer action movies, where thousands and tens of thousands of people would be allowed to fight at the same time. Developers also hopethat virtual platforms will be able to take such aspects as physics and the destruction of the world to a whole new level.

Square Enix is ​​preparing to release a remake Final Fantasy VII for Playstation 4. The premiere will take place in March 2023.

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