The 4X-strategy like “Civilization” reasonable play to win. Rather, it is a purely mechanical process, expect unique experiences of another party is not necessary – the quests and things like that in this kind of entertainment is rare. At the same time, say, Crusader Kings 2 relies on the element of surprise. Randomness. The ability of an ingenious game system every time a new story to tell. No matter who you are – the prince or pauper mighty emperor – AI-writer always throw up some interesting situation. Space Real taymovaya Stellaris from Paradox has been designed to combine the 4X and global strategy, with which so famous Swedes, and was probably the best representative of each of these (sub) genres.

And at first it was all true. We begin traditionally – with one planet. Vast expanses beckon. Hundreds of systems, each of which you want to send a special research ship, just waiting for you “sticks” in their own star flag. Although often another lump in a vacuum – it is just another lump in a vacuum, pioneers regularly find something interesting. Traces of great civilizations of the past, unknown to science creatures, primitive peoples have not yet released into space. Above the ball with the natives, you can build a special plant: it is at least able to study them, as the maximum – will allow slightly push the development of our future charges.

At the same time at home are created serious cases. Scarce resources are barely enough for the development of a single colony, but it is fixable: scour space scouts marked the celestial bodies, rich in resources, so that the builders could erect an appropriate nearby production platform.

Life abounds: that on the home planet of the new settlement there, but because you need something to occupy its inhabitants, the next dead ball, hanging in the void, would be a natural geological museum. And there already and to settle new worlds far. And everyone needs to pay a lot of time and attention. Pushing the boundaries of the known universe, you will experience many wonderful and exciting adventures. And though they often consist of one or two dialog boxes to create unique stories Stellaris can no worse Crusader Kings 2. The first time.

Another generator (un) pleasant coincidences – scientific research. Research is being conducted in three areas, but traditional scientific “trees” is not here, and future discoveries are offered mainly in random order. This alone guarantees the uniqueness of the opening of each lot, because sometimes fortune can throw one type of weapons for your ship after the other, but at times even seems to have forgotten that we are a hundred years not updated the design of their corvettes and cruisers.

Such a fun romp lasts a long time, but sooner or later your mighty empire of, say, five planets would be clamped borders of neighboring states. The figure does not taken from the ceiling, and a limit of five planets can be slightly increased (if you’re lucky to stumble upon the right technology), but all over him, you should be left to local authorities, creating a stand-alone sector. Paradox on the idea of ​​such an approach would protect us from unnecessary micro-management, since the case of the supreme leader – search for mineral deposits on the next asteroid, and to deal with the pressing problems of the provincials are specially hired governors. Or do nothing abstract – if the resources to hire a specialist is not enough.

All would be good, but bred out of your control of the planet lost in the cumbersome menu. It only Stellaris first glance, a very friendly and comfortable, perhaps even the most comfortable game from Paradox. But again, one look at the new product is not enough: the party can last twenty hours – to know the full depth of the unfolding tragedy on the screen during this time is very difficult. And Stellaris – this is a tragedy, not a fairy tale with a happy ending.