SteamWorld Heist

In front of a crew of honest space pirates , in this game of Nintendo 3DS each step we take, each turn passed, is so important that the least of the oversights could become the biggest of our failures. That here the enemies do not go around with little girls an


d if they do not kill us with a shot, they will do it with a strong explosion or a clean punch. That is why it is not only important to take advantage of the special abilities of each and every one of the team members, but also of the own game scenario, which acts a


s a protagonist in the SteamWorld Heist action. And this is a detail that we have loved, because it gives the game a strategic richness that we already missed in other titles of the style.



Heroes in space

There are many details that have made us fall to the charms of this space adventure, but it is without a doubt their freedom of action that has ended up captivating us. And is not for less. Do you like direct combat? The fight from a distance? Or maybe you are one of those who enjoy making it jump all over the air? Anyway, in SteamWorld Heist you have full freedom to

act as you please. You just have to choose the right troops and equip them with the weapons that best suit your style of play. And it will be for options! With more than a hundred weapons to choose from, it is difficult that you do not have that perfect combination that allows you to overcome all the challenges posed by this adventure.


SteamWorld Heist analysis

When successfully surpassing a mission we will receive stars; the more we do it. With them we will have access to better weapons and new allies.

But the customization options are not limited to just choose a weapon and point. We also have space to equip up to three gadgets or improvements that can substantially modify the way our crew behave. Pomegranates, defensive armor, rocket launchers or additional pistols, sneakers with which to advance “a few steps”, freezing or stun bombs, medical kits … an


d so with a handful of extras that at the moment of truth will play an essential role in the achievement of victory. Also the special abilities of our robotic hosts, which in a way comply with the archetypes of any self-respecting role adventure.


SteamWorld Heist PC

There is always something new to discover and new combat tactics to put in place

We have the strongmen capable of resisting blows like no one, true experts in the use of precision rifles, troops versed in guerrilla warfare, that is, attacking, killing and gaining extra movement to return to a safe position; Soldiers who can ride on whee

ls will be able to advance more than anyone without losing the opportunity to open fire, and we even have the figure of the leader of the group, Captain Piper Faraday , who will be able to heal her people and inspire them with courage in the moments of great
est need. In addition, with the passage of the adventure, to gain experience all these troops will raise their level learning new skills to fend for themselves, as well as passive improvements that will strengthen their health, ability to move and others.


SteamWorld Heist

The jefazos will make things really difficult for us, partly because of their special powers and the troops that accompany them. I wish there were more of them!

Therefore in SteamWorld Heist there will always be something new to discover and new combat tactics to launch, which greatly benefits the development of the action itself. In addition, what differentiates the game from other exponents of the genre is that here th


e attacks depend entirely on your aim. It is you who must sharpen the view to surprise the rivals with a shot to the head impossible to foresee – that the bullet bounces off a wall and off target is a pleasure – or bursts of shrapnel capable of miraculously avoiding shield


s and other coverages There are many options, and they all depend on your ability. What is a point in favor of the game. So is his ability to surprise you with new classes of enemies that will force you to change, however little, your way of facing the fight.


SteamWorld Heist PC

Do you hit? For asking we would have liked to find a greater variety of missions , because they do not differ much in the base, although there are certain conditioning factors that will not fall into the repetitive. Sudden appearance of defensive turrets, w


aves of enemies that will besiege us from different positions of the mapping, security mechanisms that must be destroyed in order to continue … in the world of SteamWorld Heist there are many dangers to face, and as we said, use With head the scenarios will be vital for survival. Especially the coverages, because although the


y are not infallible, they will allow us to avoid more than one shot. There are also explosive barrels that when used well can do a lot of damage to enemies … and to ourselves !; or flammable liquids, which will play tricks on us if we are not careful.


That is why it is so important to measure the times well. Each soldier can travel a specific distance before losing the ability to attack or use any of his special abilities. So in SteamWorld Heist there are two options: move and hit, or advance more than the account without an option to attack. And relax, thanks to the user interface of the game it is very easy to move with e


ase in this great steampunk universe. Image & Form has also done a splendid job in terms of the pace of the action itself. The turns are agile, without almost waiting times, which can be reduced to the minimum expression by eliminating the animations of our troops. Thing that we do not recommend given the attractive staging of the game.


SteamWorld Heist

The pace of the action is great

It is clear that we are not fa

cing a technological portent, it is obvious, but we do talk about a game with a great artistic section that surprises very positively for the design of characters, as in the past SteamWorld Dig did. Also the design of scenarios is very well worked, with procedur
ally generated levelsthat stand out for the care and attention with which they have been recreated. We miss a greater variety of locations, it is true, because although there are sev
eral types of ship with their own design, in general the differences are not very noticeable. Even so, there are few games that look as good as Stea
mWorld Heist, which has been created with such passion that it is impossible not to get infected with it. And it does not matter if you enjoy your strategic action on a TV or on the PS Vita screen; the result is always the same.


SteamWorld Heist PC

Let the music sound!The soundtrack is one of the great successes of the game. It is the work of the folk / rock group [b] Steam Powered Giraffe [/ b], which we can find in some of the bars that we will visit during the adventure … turned into robots!


And the best thing that can be said about music is that it fits perfectly with the SteamWorld Heist action, whether we are talking about vocal or merely environmental themes. Formed in 2008, there is no denying that this San Diego group has done an excellent job. Here you have one of his themes.

Nor can we forget the canteens and other special locations that we will visit throughout the adventure, whether to chat with other characters, hire new crew members or buy weapons and hats. There are lots of them! And since we talk about chatting, it sh


ould be noted that SteamWorld Heist’s plot is good, but not surprising at all. The story is strong enough to encourage us to explor


e all corners of the space thoroughly, and even investigate the life of our crew, because each character has a great story to tell in Spanish! ; but in general lines the argument is not nothing of the other world. Functional, without more.


The landing of SteamWorld Heist on other platforms is also accompanied by The Outsider , a DLC that includes new levels, hats, weapons and an additional character for 4.99 euros. Not bad, although obviously we would have liked that these addi


tional contents were integrated into this new version. Despite everything, given the hours of fun offered by the video game for so little money, is an expansion that is worth buying.