Steam Deck 2 with 4K Gaming: Next Version of Handheld PC Console Already In Discussion at Valve

Portable PC Console Steam Deck was created with the expectation of playing at 800p at a speed of at least 30 frames per second, but Valve is already thinking about a new iteration of the device, which can be sharpened for 4K resolution

About this in an interview RockPaperShotgun the designer of the company said Greg Coomer… According to him, Steam Deck 2 does not yet exist in the form of a project, but there is already talk inside Valve regarding the next version of the console.

“We are already looking to the future, because we believe that this product line will have a long life, and, of course, we are already thinking about what we will do next, and we are starting to make plans in these areas. At the moment, we do not have a project for Steam yet. Deck 2, but we are thinking in that direction and are already discussing where to draw the line for the next iteration of the device. “

As Cooper explained, 4K resolution and having an appropriate display was not the goal when designing the first Steam Deck. His colleague Lawrence Young added that from a technical point of view, it would probably be possible to make a device of this size with the ability to run games in 4K, but there is a question of trade-offs.

“But what would such a device actually look like? How long will it be able to run games? How hot will it get? There is a lot to balance here and we are really happy with where we are now.”

At the same time, Young does not exclude that in a few years, technological progress will make portable 4K gaming possible.

“You know, technology is moving forward. Maybe in a year or two we will actually have something that makes this more possible.”

In any case, the Steam Deck is, in fact, a portable PC, where no one forbids you to set 4K in the game settings. Another question is that in most new AAA projects, the console’s hardware for such a resolution is simply not enough.

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