A couple of years ago, the South African studio The Brotherhood was getting funding for its peculiar title, called Stasis , a game that came only a few days ago to Steam and that has been received quite successfully by, above all, the more classic players, fans of graphic adventures.

And the fact is that the game combines several elements of this genre in its “point and click” aspect with a well-achieved setting of horror game, merging,


once again, two genres that have been shown to take a thousand wonders in many ways. occasions in titles like Prisioner of Ice, Shadow of the Comet (both inspired by Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Myths), Sanitarium! or the most recent The Last Door (a Spanish project precisely), to name just a few examples.

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This peculiar fusion is also enhanced by a twist in the form of perspective of the camera, since for Stasis its creators have chosen to opt for an isometric view in 2 dimensions, more typical of role-playing games such as Baldur’s Gate or Pillars of Eternity

At the level of what gameplay is concerned, there is not much to explain, we are mostly with the usual mechanics of a graphic adventure of this style, having to perform all interactions with our mouse, looking for the different points with which We can perform actions on our screen.


Luckily, the game of The Brotherhood flees from the mania or defect that usually have this type of games having to find a small pixel on stage to find


that object that we need to solve one of the riddles and shows us, almost always, the objects with which we can act in a fairly clear and concise way, although we will spend a little bit wrong when combining two objects for the first time,

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In addition, another of the points in your favor is the possibility of speeding the displacements on the map, with the possibility of running, something that will undoubtedly please the most impatient players and that makes it easier for us to move quickly through the different scenarios in look for the necessary answers to continue advancing in our adventure.

A very important part in all the games of this genre is the amount and difficulty of the puzzles, which, although they will be a challenge for the classic players,


will not get them to despair, although the absence of aids can be a bit more those who are less accustomed to this genre than in recent years is regaining strength and that so many hours of puzzle provided us in the increasingly remote 90.

That fair dose, in addition to a somewhat high difficulty, will make us enjoy the fairness of the puzzles, but that will still allow us to taste the story with pleasure.


In fact, almost most of the elements that we will find when we slide our mouse across the screen are PDAs, computers or other objects that will serve to put us in situation and for the plot to take more weight and argument,


also increasing our sensation of terror and anguish. In fact, Stasis “forces” us to read almost all the documents not only for the pleasure of discovering the story, but for the help that they suppose when it comes to solving a good part of the riddles.

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