Star Wars: Skywalker Sunrise Gets a Billion But Can’t Catch the Rogue One Spin Off

Film director J.J. AbramsStar Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise“it took 28 days to overcome the milestone of one billion dollars in box office. This publication reports Variety.

According to the latest data on January 16, the fees for the ninth episode of the saga reached $ 1.001 billion, of which 481 million were collected at home rental (USA). This is important news for the company. Disney And studio Lucasfilm, which will allow them to build a good face in a bad game.

The fact is that Star Wars: Skywalker Sunrise showed the worst result in the new Disney trilogy. So, “The awakening of power“JJ Abrams collected more than two billion dollars at the box office, and this film reached the billion mark in 12 days.

Film “The Last JediRyan Johnson raised 1.3 billion dollars, and he reached the turn of a billion 19 days. In this case, the ninth episode is still behind the spin-off “Outcast OneGareth Edwardswho collected at the box office 1,056 billion dollars.

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