Star Wars Mobile Games Make Billion Dollars: From EA to Zynga

Over the past six years, mobile games based on the saga “star Wars“(Star Wars) in app stores App store and Google play earned over a billion dollars. This is reported by analysts Sensor tower.

It is only about those projects that are still available on digital platforms. The leader is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes from Electronic arts, which earned $ 924 million (87%). In second place Star Wars: Commander from Zynga, which brought the creators of 93 million dollars (9%). The third line went to a full game: LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga from Warner bros. earned 11 million dollars (1%).

Residents of the USA (640 million dollars), Germany (66 million dollars) and Great Britain (57 million dollars) spent the most on Star Wars games. Wherein iOS by a small margin dominates Android (534 million dollars against 524 million).

Together, all projects in the universe have downloaded more than 273 million times. 70 million falls on the Galaxy of Heroes, 63 million falls on Angry Birds: Star Wars from Rovioand 23 million on Angry Birds: Star Wars 2.

Analysts also provided data on average earnings per download. In this case, the Galaxy of Heroes still remains the leader (one player spends an average of about 13.2 dollars), but in second place Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from Aspyr (9 dollars). The third line went to Commander ($ 2.8).

According to experts, film releases spurred the sale of games. The exception was 2018, when the failed tape came out. Ron HowardHan Solo: Star Wars. Stories

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