Square Enix is ​​preparing the announcement of The World Ends With You 2 for the Nintendo Switch?

Netizens noticed that the official role-playing site The world ends with you the company Square enix went for maintenance. Last time, it was similarly turned off in early January 2018, a few days before the official announcement The World Ends With You Final Remix for console Switch. The project was revealed on the air of the program Nintendo Direct.

Fans believe current maintenance may be in preparation for the show The World Ends With You 2. On the forums Resetet for the announcement of the game in 2023 hinted last fall. In the coming days, according to rumors, will pass Nintendo Direct’s next presentation.

Released in 2007, the original The World Ends With You was able to surprise the audience with an innovative approach to gameplay, an interesting story and a modern driving soundtrack. Developers to the fullest used the unique features of a portable console Nintendo DSby using both screens, a stylus and even a microphone at the same time in battles.

In 2012, the game was ported to mobile devices, and in 2018 it reached the Nintendo Switch, where it was rated slightly worse than the original at the time. In particular, the management system was criticized. More details about the changes we talked about in a big review..

Creative Director of The World Ends With You Tetsuya Nomura repeatedly expressed interest in creating a continuation of the game, but at the same time he indicated a huge employment, and in recent years he generally led the development right away Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake. To date, the first has already been released, and the second will debut in March 2023.

In September 2018, Nomura announced that he considered the release of The World Ends With You on the Nintendo Switch as a “new beginning” for the franchise..

“The World Ends With You was released in 2007. In almost all interviews around the world, even when they touched other games in general, I was asked not to forget about the series. […]

We’re releasing The World Ends With You: Final Remix 11 after the release of the original, thanks exclusively to the fans. Instead of calling this version a “reissue,” I prefer to view it as a “new beginning,” he said.

Then the developer promised to “work hard” to please the people who have supported The Worlds Ends With You all these years. To many, this seemed like a hint of a full sequel.

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