Should we expect more Microsoft games on Nintendo Switch? Phil Spencer gave the answer

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Recently the company Microsoft was noted for rather curious support Nintendo Switchby releasing a platformer dilogy there Orient and the blind forest and Ori and the Will of the Wispsas well as nudging developers Cuphead to porting a hardcore project to a hybrid set-top box.

Such a fruitful cooperation between the two platform holders made many players speculate that the mutually beneficial partnership will continue in the future. however, it seems that such a prediction is not destined to come true… At least he personally thinks so Phil Spencer, head of department Xbox, who told about this in a fresh interview.

The top manager is convinced that the further release of individual games on Switch is not a very viable prospect. According to the words Spencer, if Microsoft really wanted to actively support a competitor’s gaming platform, then this could only be realized through the full expansion of the entire ecosystem Xbox, including services like Live and Game pass

“I guess, that [дальнейшее портирование игр на Switch] is not a very viable prospect. In order to provide real support for the platform, I see the need to move the entire Xbox ecosystem there. And this includes such services as Live, Game Pass and others, “- concluded Phil Spencer.

In July, the head of the gaming department Microsoft already spoke about the prospect of services adaptation Xbox on competitors’ platforms. Then Spencer noticed that today other market players are simply not interested in this. At the same time, the manager noticed that such significant decisions should be made at once by all parties at the negotiating table, therefore, about the prospects of launching Game pass on Playstation and Switch you need to ask directly from representatives Sony and Nintendo

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