The goal of the game – not the murder of the greatest number of opponents, and to two minutes to paint everything that gets in the eyes. That is why Splatoon easily mastered by those who have never in my life seen Call Of Duty – everything is much more intuitive.

Teams consist of four people. You play for the so-called the Inklings, the people at the click of a finger turning into squid. In human form they can use guns – paint the location, “interrupting” their color labeled enemy territory and kill enemies (however, the contestants immediately respawn somewhere nearby).

In a squid Inklings not only move quickly, but also to hide from enemies in paint colors of your team (in the shaded enemy zone in the form of a move can not be), and climb the steep walls, roofs, and generally any “color” of the surface, where it is difficult to climb I am a simple man.

Nintendo could do not bother with the promotion Splatoon: after the announcement on DeviantArt and other sites there were hundreds of drawings with the heroes of the game in the most surprising poses and situations.

Further – more, in the United States released a Japanese advertising with so terrible song that it resulted in a real network storm. It is sung that the people – not the people, but in fact squid – and this is one of the main memes recent weeks (in addition to Roach, of course). It turned out that the Internet humorists Splatoon absentia was doomed to success.

This unusual Superpower – trump Splatoon. Skills Inklings opens many tactical possibilities and makes any adult to eight children.

From battles feel sincere joy of children – all this fuss incredibly fascinated. I want to shout something like: “Ahaha, stand aside, I fucking squid!”

And even more, the inability to contact the octopus in other shooters begins to seem something old-fashioned and wrong. Well, I got in your Titan and squid, somewhere!

Its simplicity, dynamism and Addictive Splatoon recalls other great multiplayer Nintendo Series – the Super Smash Bros. . and Mario Kart. Splatoon developers previously stated that these games – an example of what should be their project.

But, unfortunately, so far supplied the ideal away. Neither the famous fighting game, no racing series has never been such problems with the lack of content.

Splatoon easily mastered by those who have never in my life seen Call Of Duty – everything is much more intuitive.

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Get at least a card. Venues are chosen in advance, without your participation. Beautiful kalmarshi Kali and Marie (Splatoon rich in amusing pun) talk about the selection of multiplayer levels each time you start the game.

Because of this, it seems that a lot of locations, but in fact it is not. Levels of all six (another added these days), and it is inexcusable not enough! You can rely on updates and DLC, but it’s honestly not an excuse. Money is spent on the game right now.

In addition to multiplayer – a key component of Splatoon – there is also a classic single mode. This collection is not too interesting missions, which, moreover, are not connected with each other storyline (although nuggets of information about the universe of the game are scattered through the levels as scrolls). Worlds in a single five levels – almost 30, but the story is still passed on the strength of five hours


The only problem – to acquaint players with the mechanics – mode performs, but the test, trial and diversity can be forgotten. The levels are the same and, moreover, simple. To do this you need to?

If you remove the fun multiplayer, Splatoon will slurred pacifier, albeit stunningly beautiful. The game is a wonderful art design. And I’m sure this is the most stylish game of 2015, this year has not came out of projects, which could boast of equally bright colors.

Yes, and on clothing for the characters worked as it should – it is all right, as opposed to guns or cards. Developers follow the main trends in modern times – the last time so much attention paid to fashion well, probably, in the Sunset the Overdrive .

I until recently thought about the fact that the supply Splatoon, but eventually settled on “seven”. The Japanese launched a very fun game with a fascinating, and most importantly original mechanics.

At the same cards, guns and modes in it little offensively, and it is not possible to go into it with his head for weeks.

In fact, we have presented only the foundation, gave a look at an early prototype of the series, which in the future can become the new symbol of Nintendo. Potential in Splatoon not hold, but the content … In a word, waiting for DLC. In the meantime – “The Witcher”.