Along the Way of The Witcher: Assassin’s Creed Will Continue to Evolve as an RPG – Ubisoft Has Dropped the Old Concept

The following parts Assassin’s creed will be role-playing games – the series will continue to develop along the vector given by Assassin’s creed origins, Assassin’s creed odyssey and Assassin’s creed valhalla… Relevant information representatives Ubisoft announced at the presentation of the company’s latest financial report.

Notable transition to RPG elements Assassin’s creed made in 2017 with the release Assassin’s creed origins… The next two parts moved on a similar course, adding even more role-playing mechanics and concepts, including the introduction of branching dialogues in the series, non-linear narratives, and more.

One of the sources of inspiration for Ubisoft was the game “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt“The company currently has no plans to return to the old Assassin’s Creed formula.

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