Spider-Man: Between Homecoming and Video Games

One of Sony’s leading lineup is definitely Spider-Man, the game developed by the guys at Insomniac Games who, having demonstrated their abilities with the endless Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive and other recent titles, have decided to launch in an attempt to tell the story of the Spider Man in a video game version. It took some time before finally to see some gameplay section worthy of note, and the E3 2017 has definitively removed the veils from the project.
The movie featured in the Sony conference convinced everyone, Spider-Man for PS4 is dynamic, full of Spidey’s fluid animations and, above all, seems to want to propose a strong action component that marries with the character. Just yesterday we told you about our Spider-Man: Homecoming , the film of Marvel Studios that brings home Peter Parker: in the light of what we have seen, let’s imagine what film features could further enrich the offer of the Insomnia video game.
To build powers …
Spider-Man is a unique character, a superhero so iconic that he has created a true cult. The film revival is perfection with videogame, and Insomniac guys know it very well. Without focusing too much on the gameplay issue, Homecoming provided some useful information to understand what are the factors that make the Spider Man’s stories unique.
The interweaving, first of all, and how much the latter is well-connected or inspired by the comic book counterpart. In the game of Spider-Manit would be great to find a fairly uniform fiction between Peter with and without costume, so that we can allow a true dive into the context and to attach even more to the character.
Climbers only works if behind him there is a present and faceted Peter Parker, with his insecurity, his fears, his many uncertainties. We do not know what “age” of Peter’s life will be set for the game, but the hope is that it has nothing to do with a character that is already too adult and formed. Conversely, exploring their growth and training would be very interesting.
Spider-Man: Between Homecoming and Video Games
… they bear great responsibilities
If Peter / Spider Man is important, it is even more the ecosystem of characters with which the hero interacts. Homecoming showed us how a well-conceived villain can enhance Spidey’s qualities, and in the video game we would like to see the same thing. Let us therefore assume a labyrinthine scenario, where our protagonist will have to try to find the right path to the solution.
A criminal system that brings him to deal with the most iconic villains of his universe, connected to each other by a complicated criminal plan orchestrated by a superior figure. A bit like the Batman series, to understand us. The archetype works, so much so, and being able to explore the basics of NY’s Spider-Man universe is exciting.
 Spider-Man: Between Homecoming and Video Games
Yes, but the game?
Okay, we promised to stay connected to the film / video game, and here we are here to talk about what we would like to find in the game at the structural level. Spider-Manis a character that lends itself to one type of gender: the open-world action, and the open world. New York is a fantastic city and it would be wonderful to see it meticulously replicated like the Los Angeles of GTAV.
The action part has been practically unveiled, from the combat system to the quicktime event, but the whole quest, sub quest and character growth is still unknown. What would we like then? Mainly well-characterized and electrifying missions, a less-linear system of secondary quests and well-structured Spidey growth, perhaps with a well-diversified and stimulating skill tree in terms of development. We would also like an open world that interacts with us, and we with him, a bit at Breath of the Wild.