Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

End of August – is not only a longing for the departing summer and successfully spent vacations with vacations, but also out of suspended animation game industry. Soon we will fall on a real leaf releases, novelties and hits, which began already been made. Genre Action-adventure has already given its fruits, and we were able to dive into the melancholic Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice , and closer to the end of the month on the scene there was heavy artillery.

 Project Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was expected fans of the series since the winter of 2016 and, finally, it was time to go to India in search of treasure. How can be a pleasant trip to a resort with two attractive ladies – find out right now, but at the same time plunge into the atmosphere of adventure brand, which we presented in the next part of the incredible adventure series!


Whoa, where’s Drake?

Those who want the fifth time to look at how Nathan Drake bamboozle anyone in the world and get in some forgotten all the country once a wonderful treasure, it is better to forget about it right away. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – is no more than a spin-off to the main series, which follows chronologically after 4 parts.

uncharted-the-lost-legacy-listing-thumb-01-ps4-eu-12apr17Yes, this is not a complete game, and we will say even more – the project originally conceived as the most that neither is the DLC, but in the end the story has grown into an independent stand-alone supplement. Here we take a closer look with side characters previous parts, namely sultry Hloey Freyzer and Nadine Ross , which had previously been known not so close.

Uncharted-The-Lost-Legacy-Screenshot-Chloe-NadineLadies join forces went looking for tusk of Ganesha , the path to grips with the rebels, troublemakers, clean a few hundred individuals nasty fighters, enough to work up through the jungle, to lie in the mud, take a ride on the machine – in general, all as always, except that starring vaudeville not Nathan Drake. Well, not quite that Drake will not do, but we will not reveal all the surprises, and so they are not very much.

Uncharted for the lazy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – extremely flexible and supple appearance. This applies to virtually all aspects of gameplay – the level of complexity to generously pour checkpoints. It is unlikely that you will ever get into the situation where, to cut further, will have to sweat and strain. Well, maybe except for the last chapter, and it is not certain. According to old tradition casual, health is restored by itself, it is worth only a little breath around the corner.

UNCTLL_Screen_PS4_E32017_08_1497329959Puzzles are simple, and should just move a little convolutions, all at once falls into place. If you are expecting prohibitive complexity, the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – it’s not what you need. Here, everything is built so that the player did not have time to get bored.

The game follows a stunning balance between all its aspects – mountaineering and climbing the walls, shooting and puzzles. Excellent dynamics – is the calling card of the series, and in the game it is implemented perfectly.

uncharted-lost-legacyUncharted: The Lost Legacy will constantly change the type of activity the player to the gameplay does not become a routine and it is sure to make her honor, in contrast to the same Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

 Here, too, the gameplay is built in cycles, but most components are changing each other and all 7 hours of passage appear the most saturated, it can not but rejoice.

Boevki looks good (although a little pull is enough), shooting – a spectacular, and in general – no revelations since the main parts have happened. Everything is still well supplied and good served.