Kingdom Hearts III’s Re Mind expansion will have a secret boss episode – review

Company Square enix opened page future additions Re mind to role play Kingdom Hearts III. On it you can find new screenshots and information about what awaits the players in the first DLC.

Re Mind will tell a separate story, the action of which takes place shortly before the climax of the main plot. Sora goes to the Blade Keys cemetery to save Cairo. There he meets the hearts of all seven Light Keepers and experiences the decisive battles of each of them.

Players are waiting for difficult fights with thirteen members of the Organization XIII. The strongest of the incorporeal easily deal with Sora and his companions, it is worth a gap. So to win, you will need to accurately calibrate the time of attacks and defense.

For fights, you can choose playable characters from a short list. And in some battles, associates can even come to the rescue.

So far, only part of the information is open on the page, more will become known over time. In particular, they promise to tell us about a secret episode with a secret boss.

Re-Mind Pre-Order Acceptance already started, his bonus will be the unique theme of Kingdom Hearts III. And the release will take place on January 22.