Codemasters Dirt Rally production resembled flipping the house upside down in search of the key to something special, then Dirt 4 Studio opens the door to the garage, where we will have to discover a brand new car. Thanks to a reputable career mode, it is literally an endless race (thanks procedurally generated stages) and the best sound and graphics in the history of Codemasters, Dirt 4 accustom you to a completely new level of quality of performance rally racing.

The most impressive feature of Dirt 4 proved mode Your Stage, which is essentially a generator racetracks. It’s pretty simple. We move a couple of sliders (difficulty yes duration) and … everything. And all things. It remains only to set the time of day and weather. Steps can be up to 12 (or so) kilometers long.

In this mode, you can visit five countries: Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom (Wales), Sweden and Spain. Each, of course, its landscape, and thus the requirements for the skill of the driver. In Australia, the route is quite simple, to some extent friendly, forgiving some errors. In Spain, all slightly different. Instead of gravel have to ride on the pavement, and the environment is different. Track too fast, but they will treat your mistakes without realizing. My car is not just fly into the obstacles in the dashing Spanish roads.

Of course, with this set of options, you can not configure all the details of its route. But the ability to generate a huge number of different locations should not be underestimated. In the end, something you just love it. By the way, favorite tracks can be shared with friends. A great opportunity.

The most impressive thing in this mode, perhaps, that on these routes, do not even say that they have not created the designers with their own hands, and algorithms. Lots perfectly joined, and tips navigator Niki Grista and Dzhen Horsi always accurate.

Five countries, perhaps, become the absolute minimum for Codemasters (Finland, Monaco and Germany from Dirt Rally here, too, would be very useful), but we definitely got more than they lost. Monotony? Racing in the opposite direction? Riding on the same track? Not in Your Stage. This mode is literally changes the perception of rally games.

So take a Seat.

Until now Codemasters game did not look too tacky. In the Dirt 4 changed everything. Lighting here the best in the history of Codemasters. This is evident from the way it light rays interact with different types of paints and surfaces of machinery. Or the way rays hanging low over the horizon of the sun pierce the thick fog.

Picture still lacks a little sharpness of some other racing games (and shadows are sometimes so-so), but enough visual detail. Then there are trembling air from the heated asphalt and the sun baked layers of dirt, and fallen leaves, blanketed ground. Fresh dark mud molded on top of the old, withered and pale. Surprisingly good effects of splashing water.

We couldn't leaf out this screenshot.

I also like the fact that the car in the Dirt 4 often look kind of species, even when you have not hit a tree. For example, at the training ground has excellent car, which shows that they really hone your skills. They can be dented, dirty glasses, obviously not new tires and covered with mud.

The sound is just fine. Even difficult to decide how to play better, with a view from the cab or with a camera hanging behind the vehicle, for each mode, you can hear something special. A symphony of squeaks, rattles, engine wailing at high speeds …

Sound Design Dirt 4 has played a huge role in that car in this game felt real mechanisms, of which the player squeezes all the juices.

In the Dirt 4 has two physical models, “Simulation” and “player”. League tables and on-line testing is also divided accordingly. Personally, I choose “simulation”, because it turns the game into a real fight with the wheel. If you are afraid that Dirt 4 will be less severe in comparison with the Dirt Rally, then I hasten to reassure you: did not.

This, however, does not mean that the game was too difficult, because in the “player” configuration of the physical model and the various “helpers” to make the Dirt 4 is much more friendly.

It seems to me that a disabled using this mode is quite good, but on the whole machine seemed to me a little too responsive.

In any case, this option expands the audience of the game in any way without breaking a serious rally simulator, which is the basis of Dirt 4.

The career mode is a big step forward in comparison with the Dirt Rally. In it, we need to work in a team and spend money on improvements. Your resources determines how effective and useful your engineers and other personnel.

There was a place and a pinch of micro-management, but overall it looks much better than in the Dirt Rally. In addition, you can create a whole fleet to participate in as many events in as much as you want.

In general, I like the opportunity to work on the appearance of the car, but it seems to me that there would be to add more details. would suffice something simple, such as better control over the location of the logo placement.

Selection of the cars is good: it covers all the important rally era. Some categories more, others much more modest.

A lot of classic cars, 80’s and 90-ies of XX century. The past decade has shown not so good. Contemporary group NR4 several pustovat and selection of the class 2000CC and does look a bit strange.

Be focused.

Among other interesting things you can remember back mode Official World Rallycross Championship of Dirt Rally.

A great format for video: short runs, powerful machines, the unusual situation … yet there is Dirtfish Rally School: a great place to test the car, training, driving for pleasure, etc.

Experienced players will appreciate the return of regular events for the community, but this time the stages are always new for all who attend. Well, the multiplayer mode to the lobby for 8 people.

Where do without it? But the split-screen in the game. In the company of friendly players multiplayer proved himself quite well, although I would not be surprised if the uncompromising race Dirt 4 fans seem “pure” driving a living hell.