Spanish store opens Red Dead Redemption 2 page for Nintendo Switch – review

Recently in PC version files Red dead redemption 2 discovered the Nintendo Switch Pro controller circuitry, but then we figured out that Rockstar just wants to expand the list of gamepads with official support – for now this is only DualShock 4 and the Xbox One gamepad.
However, perhaps we were still wrong: the Spanish Instant Gaming store opened the western page for the Nintendo Switch with a release date of 2023. In addition, the site even has a game cover for the console, so it is unlikely that the page was created by mistake.

Considering that they were able to transfer even the third to the Nintendo platform “The witcher“, Which works significantly worse on the PS4 and Xbox One than the same console versions of Red Dead Redemption 2, technically the game, apparently, is really possible to port.

Let’s see if Rockstar herself goes for it. Remaster L.A. Noire won the same.