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While fans of the series “Witcher»Expect that as part of their new strategy CD Projekt returns to the tried and tested universe, enthusiasts are contributing to relieving expectations. IN Nexus modification available A night to rembember – a full-fledged new adventure that continues the plot of the add-on “Blood and wine“To”The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt“.

To start a new quest, you need Geralt level 50 and a completed official expansion. For those who did not cope with any part of the requirements, the creator of the mod prepared a special save – but warned that some spoilers about Oriana’s fate are inevitable.

A Night to Remember supports New Game + and has been translated into Russian. The author, nikich340, admits to having worked on the modification for over a year. But now he is more comfortable with the instrument. Radish Modding Tools and can tackle new sequels.

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