Space action Voidship: The Long Journey became available in Russian

Released almost a year ago, strategic action Voidship: The Long Journey from developers from the studio Cydonian games acquired Russian localization, for which the team was responsible Levsha.

In Voidship: The Long Journey, players have to create their own ship and embark on a journey through the harsh expanses of outer space, where it will be necessary to make difficult decisions, explore uncharted expanses of outer space, gather resources and assemble a team.

“The Terran Empire crashed and you barely managed to escape death. Now, there is only one goal – to reach the specified coordinates on the other side of the universe, but such a journey will take several centuries. To get to your destination, you have to explore unfamiliar sectors, collect resources , find new team members, create new technologies, help allies and destroy enemies, “- says the description of the game in Steam.

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