South Park: Phone Destroyer

Announcement South Park: Phone Destroyer at E3 2017 was not a surprise – apparently, Trey Parker (Trey Parker) and Matt Stone (Matt Stone) liked it so much disguise the characters “South Park” in The Stick of Truth , and of The Fractured But Whole , that they decided to arrange extraordinary masquerade mobile game South Park then: Phone Destroyer .

Since The Fractured But Whole will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 17 I think, and the release of Phone Destroyer just around the corner – so we gathered all known details about the project in a single material.


Stop, white man!

Along with South Park Digital Studios Parker and Stone on a game for iOS and Android works RedLynx . The Finnish team is known for a series of motoarkad Trials and recently released in the App Store and the Play the Google Trials Frontier , which is downloaded 55 million times. It is not surprising that Ubisoft Entertainment entrusted Phone Destroyer is this studio.

Destroyer phone – a mixture of collectible card games and strategy. As in The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole

Starring Newbie here. Cartman communicates with him by phone, and proposes a feasible contribution to the confrontation cowboys and Indians. In the streets of the town in Colorado scattered war drums and the Redskins placed wigwams – you need to go through the control points and knock the feathers adorn the head of Stan, the Indian chief.

And not just Stena Marsha and Stan Thousand Moons. He is a Native American, that is, without convoluted nicknames do not be able to!

Fighting engine Phone Destroyer resembles Clash Royale , just no “turrets” and instead of the top view – side view.

Beginners in the pocket of a deck of cards, and so he is in a race assistants. In the lower left corner of the display lights up energy – warrior so simple sechu shvyrnosh not, everyone has their own cost (both inRoyale Clash ). Energy bar is gradually recovering as the fallen heroes.

South Park: Phone Destroyer review

Cartman is going to chew peers who sheriff in town.

Cartman dressed sheriff Bedov Heidi wielding bottles, Tweek C-Big-road keeps ready dynamite, Nathan pulls out of the hat-cylinder tidy bombs, arrows Kyle relies on the gun … rebyatnya divided into several acquaintances of classes – from “tank” to “warrior” someone fairly HP, someone frantically dealing damage.

There are special skills – when filled with a special scale, appear around the character highlighted circle (radius attack), and, for example, Cartman starts firing pistols.

Cards with the case is not limited to characters. One allows you to precisely fling “fireball”, another materializes brood of rats in the animated series usually trapeznichayut Kenny.

Who is opposed to novices and paleface? Mostly Indians climbs out of manholes (oh, and a lot of them on the roads in South Park!), Dumpsters and bushes.

Conventional archers and infantrymen – worthless rivals. Resistance can provide only a “lieutenant”, of which calls for “general” Stan: Inuit Kenny armed with ivory (! Inuit – also Native Americans), the shaman token, sorceress Sharon (rushes famous wads of hair Cherokee), Pocahontas Randy (father Stan loves get into wigs that can be done), the narrator Jimmy, Timmy’s wheelchair, converted into a pirate ship, a one-armed Clyde smuggler Ike Batters sailor … How to get here by pirates? It’s simple, illustrate RedLynx and South Park Digital Studios– freebooters lived in the same time period!

Oh, I forgot to say great – in the rank of your soldiers fight inexorably moves from left to right. You can not influence the course of exchange of fire, the hassle, besides throwing up in a bonfire new maps and timely tapping on the screen for superprioma. The purpose of gang – away with fines and “lieutenant” to get to the “General” and scalp … or rather, simply reset the HP civilized ruler.

South Park: Phone Destroyer review

Blood gushes in the game, but, alas, not on asphalt baked – instantly disappears, a match for the defeated soldiers.

The Phone Destroyer , both in The Stick of Truth , and of The Fractured Whole But , the social network is integrated similarity, or rather, a group chat (messages continually pop up at the top of the screen) where pupils discuss, say, how well put Newbie ax another child of the prairie. In between fights the hero is free to pick up a new outfit or “pump” card, and then buy another deck.

The theme of cowboys and Indians in the masquerade point is not set: in the presence of robots, cyborgs and other sci-fi and mystical rubbish – Stan, say, pretend to be the program of the movie “Tron”, Cartman is back vtisnetsya in a cardboard box with the inscription Awesom-O.