Sony named three reasons to download Goat Simulator on PlayStation Plus

If in the case of Uncharted: Nathan Drake. Collection active subscribers to the service Playstation plus not really needed to explain why they should download a collection of three hit exclusives Sony, then the second project, which became part of the January distribution, aroused bewilderment among some gamers.

However, in a new video from the “3 Reasons to Download from PlayStation Plus” series, Sony tried to explain why players should pay attention to what is available for free download “Goat Simulator

  1. Fun in the Sandbox. Rampage: Violate traffic rules, perform absurd stunts and much more.
  2. Chaos Points. Be creative in your local community and earn high scores.
  3. Game of four. Multiply the chaos created by joining three friends in one session.

The project is available for download until the end of the month.

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