Sony has opened PS4 users access to personal statistics for 2019 and gives a dynamic theme

Company Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to take stock of 2019 with the players, running the service, allowing console owners Playstation 4 get access to your personal gaming statistics from last year.

Activity data include:

  • The number of games you played;
  • The total number of simulated hours and days spent in games;
  • Favorite genre with information about the number of games, trophies and time spent;
  • Top three games with the most hours spent in them;
  • Preferred time for gaming sessions. Example: Friday night;
  • The number of hours spent locally, online and in games for the PlayStation VR;
  • Number of trophies received: total and by level of difficulty.

Based on the results, Sony assigns a specific title to the profile, for example, “Action hero“for gamers who prefer adventure action, or”Brilliant strategist“for strategy fans. As a bonus to this, users get a dynamic theme and a set of avatars for their favorite genre.

Please note that statistics are available only for users who were supposed to spend at least 10 hours in games on PlayStation 4 from January 1 to December 10, 2019 and give permission to collect “additional data” in their account settings.

Service will work until The 14th of February.

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