Sony boss replied about the main features of the PS5

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan responds about key features of a future next-generation console Playstation 5.

Sony since the official announcement PS5 She didn’t talk much about its main features, but Jim Ryan, president of the company, decided to talk a little more about the console. According to, in a new interview, the head of Sony said that the PlayStation 5 has many unique elements that stand out from the previous PS consoles. Moreover, according to Jim Ryan, most of the new features of the PS5 have not yet been announced.

Sony boss said that this is not about an improved graphics processor or other details that are improving with each new console. “This, of course, is tempting, but we also need other attractive features,” said Jim Ryan. He added that the PlayStation 5 is not only an SSD, 3D sound and a new improved Dualshock 5 gamepad. “We still have a lot of unique PS5 features that set it apart from previous consoles and which have not yet been announced “, – concluded the head of Sony.

As notes, Jim Ryan, however, did not disclose exactly what features are in question. Obviously, Sony will talk more about them in the coming months, perhaps even in February. The output of the PlayStation 5 console, as well as the Microsoft Xbox Series X console, should take place at the end of 2023. It is noted that their price will be at the level of 500 dollars (about 40 thousand rubles in Russia).