Sonic Mania

The story about how the modern SEGA ruined one of its flagship series, is worthy of Hollywood movies. A series of outstanding two-dimensional platformer with a good admixture of the runner (classic, not mobile!) Of 90 attempts to master the three-dimensional graphics on Dreamcast …
And then – one failure after another.
Most crackling occurred in 2006 on the PS3 and 360. the Xbox the Sonic the Hedgehog is (simply, without subtitles) due to irresponsible camera hideous adventure part and the pile of bugs was not suitable even the dogs for a snack. However, in all this kaleidoscope of projects it was noticeable and positive feature. When reached for SEGA proven 2D-mechanics, get a decent, if not good.

«SEGA is proud to present …!”: The announcement trailer for the return of the legendary hedgehog.

Marking time for Green Hill Zone

Except for a few issues for the Game Boy Advance and Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS, on the big consoles concept was neoretro run-in the example of relatively recent the Sonic Generation . Sonic Megakapustnik brought together the old and the new formation.
Two heroes – two views on the issue. Mod hedgehog rushed into a three-dimensional tunnel of the Sonic Unleashed , sometimes to 2,5D-looking perspective. Classic also shamelessly Cosplay 16-bit netlenki. It looked so ironic, more modern location were before his eyes.
Believe me, there is nothing more fun than the last Sonic at the 2006 level. A opens the game, of course, another variation of the Green Hill Zone. Hills – what has to be in every new Sonic. No Green Hill? So before you kind of pathetic fake.
Yes, another Green Hill Zone. So what?! Here, she even brings memories.
Joking aside, Sonic Mania – perhaps the most correct dimensional Sonic at the port times Sonic CD on the console of the previous generation. When we passed Sonic Generation few years ago, we had the feeling … a fake Christmas tree toys. Yes, it was a very good game – with the right design, excellent picture, decent speed. Almost like in the good old days.
Devil Wings in detail. Classic Sonic the Hedgehog threw customers call. It was not difficult to master, with respect to core-mechanics difficulties delivered joint platforming and runner. On the one hand, developers like talking to customers,
“Run forward, faster, faster, faster!”, But on the other – the level of logic was such that on the third or fourth zone had to think more than to press the button. All this – combined with the secrets of the system (searching chaos emeralds has not been canceled!) And several ways to pass location – absolutely mind-blowing.
So at this moment in the heart of fans of the genre should pinch. And this screenshot – not from Sonic & Knuckles for the 16-bit Mega Drive!
Probably every experienced console gamers will find your recollection about the 16-bit trilogy (plus the Sonic & Knuckles the !). Some evil boss or very harmful segment level, which could not be beat for months. My friends and I were going to the cold autumn evenings, and over and over again trying to pass the final reptile from Sonic & Knuckles. All levels before it flies almost on the machine – including a variation on the theme of Egypt. But the leader did not give. Banal life is not enough. So we did at the time and did not pass, but the memories remain for many years to come.
Sonic Generation in this sense only partly allowed to plunge into the atmosphere of childhood. Lost was the main thing – the very sense of adventure. Developers have recreated the mechanics and even marked the verge of that distinguished from classical Modernism, but then did not. Generation turned party for beginners, without the slightest hint of complexity.
SEGA drew ironic videos, collected the best (in her opinion) the levels of the past, crammed with all this testing system, and in fact turned out well. Just not what they wanted fans of the old school. The irony is that the Sonic Generation was the best part of a series of very, very long time.
Before the advent of Sonic Mania.
This time, we will not even comment because. But you can be sure will be surprised, and how!

Fans not only

History of the creation of this game deserves special attention. While big Japanese publishers like Capcom or the Nintendo, crushed in the bud any fans’ initiatives (ban on the remake of Metroid 2 Game Boy – the best example), SEGA goes towards enthusiasts.
A year ago, the programmer and the future head of the project Sonic Mania Kristian Uaythed provided the producer of the series about a blue hedgehog prototype called Sonic Discovery. As soon as looking at it, Japanese manager gave green light. Almost a fairy tale … if Whitehead did not have time before work on Sonic CD, and mobile ports of the first two parts of the Sonic the Hedgehog. So that a certain credibility he had.
The official announcement of Sonic Mania held at last year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. It was there that SEGA announced that the development are two new platformer about Sonic: a three-dimensional Sonic Forcesand classic Sonic Mania. Intrigue? Not at all. That summer, few people believed that the next picking in naphthalene can bring though any tangible benefit pretty rotten brand, steeped in samopovtor and clichés. But the miracle of all happened.
And this is not a saver, but quite real gameplay! One of the intermediate bosses.