For Honor

Not for the single-player campaign – that’s for sure. It is so bad that, in praising the game in front of friends, I was embarrassed to mention that it generally has a scene mode. I’m waiting for something to ask me, well, what about this: you say that the game is so good, and the campaign it – full of crap? Yeah, shit. And if it was not at all, the game would only benefit from this.

For Honor did not need a single mode – we are not gathered here for this. Moreover, Ubisoft has clearly understands that in the game focused on multiplayer campaign is not so important – remember Tom Clancy’s of The Division .

It does not disclose any hero, the main problem was never solved. The plot is there only for an excuse to chase the player back-to-back on a beautiful winter Manhattan.

In  Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege campaign is not at all – instead we are offered alone to play on every multiplayer map with bots.

And nothing – no one complained because the game is a different story. So what is now needed is to break its own principles and to invest in an unnecessary appendage to the eight-chic multiplayer?

First trailer from E3 2015 – not only that terribly stylish, so still and perfectly conveys what is happening in command mode “Capture the areas.”

However, the scene mode is, and because of this, For Honor can not be recommended as unambiguously good game – not to remain silent about the bad campaign.

The funny thing is that it is divided into three parts (the Knights, Vikings and Samurai), and the first one-third – the most boring, it discourages further through the game.

If it is to endure – no, nothing will not change dramatically. Not developed characters appear cool stories and clever dialogue.

Gameplay is also not a drop will not change until the very end: you’ll run forward and, with a slight irritation of looking at his watch, cleaned the locations of the three species of bots – very weak, medium, and full of the same character as your heroes, but, of course, silly.

Despite the fact that the artificial intelligence of enemies action template, it is perfect as a sparring partner.

Especially for new players who have just learned that blows For Honor can be applied in three pillars: left, right and top; and to put the block, you need time to shift his sword on the other side, with which you are going to peel.

Fencing system simple and clear, but the game would not be so exciting if all limited to banal waving swords.

Advanced training – it’s the only decent excuse for the campaign. Although, if only because it forced to try different characters. On the other hand, the matchmaking system in multiplayer will be long enough to keep you in the kind of “paddling pool” – the reservation with the same novice, like you.

Until you get the first point of reputation (given for each hero level 21), the game will throw you to the experienced players.

And to boost the transition just not worth it – it dramatically changes the game. From fun and chaotic it becomes a deep strategy, and the more you have to pump heroes, the more serious the intentions of the opponents.

Review of For Honor.  Game Review - Image 3
Review of For Honor.  Game Review - Image 4
The campaign can be played on realistic difficulty, which is off almost the entire interface, and to recognize which side you will be beaten, it is necessary for animation enemies. At first, it’s interesting, but it quickly turns into a headache when starting levels with fast opponents. However, someone may like such a test.

Review of For Honor.  Game Review - Image 5

Train on the bots need anyway. The For Honor complex combat system, and random opponents – in duel mode, one-on-one or in team battles of four on each side – will not be enough to work out new tricks and stunts.

All the characters are very different from each other, and if, for understanding the mechanics of the first vanguard knight need to spend a couple of fights, peeping in the rounds list, then hone to perfection reflection technique samurai Orochi, believe me, it will be very long. That’s the beauty of the game – you can choose a character to taste, to improve their skills on it, and completely ignore those he did not like to play. In fighting games.