Consciousness, the brain, the body

there in game design a very clever, but extremely powerful technique – add to the story a few scenes involving the main character, devoted to the implementation of some simple, unpretentious action. There is something fascinating and deeply enjoyable gameplay, simulating everyday human life. Michael walk with his son in GTAV , buster in “The Witcher 3” , each second stage of interactive cinema like Heavy Rain – like episodes contribute to dive, making the player a direct participant in further events.

SOMA It begins to bribe “everyday” prologue: the main character wakes up in a comfortable modern apartment. Around – dozens of small items, books, photographs. All you can explore, touch and fiddle with. Things unobtrusively tell the story of the protagonist.

He – the usual Canadian guy Saymon Dzharret, an employee of the bookstore, received a head injury in a car accident. On the agenda – the visit to the doctor and the procedure is brain scan. Unpretentious chatter on the phone, reading e-mail, a trip on the subway, walk through the empty hospital corridor … A couple of trivial scenes – and a sense of presence has been achieved.

Subsequent events have, by and large, have no connection with the described everyday picture. However, it is this intrigue tie the game provides a good half passes. A moment later, after a brain scan hero finds himself in a deserted laboratory, located at the bottom of the ocean. What is it – a drop in the depths of his subconscious or unknown confluence of external circumstances, which have been simply forgotten Jarrett?

SOMA game review

So you can not live, but if you really want, you can.

SOMA – visualized thought experiment in the spirit of contemporary philosophy of mind, always start thinking with the words “let’s say that …”. Let us assume that consciousness is not associated with your carrier, it can be “copy”; for example, it is possible to create an electronic analog of the brain; assume that mankind is on the verge of death … And from these assumptions as a result of a number of conclusions to draw conclusions about the real state of things.

The issues raised in SOMA , fit into the range of issues the relationship of mind and body, self-identification, and sent in search of the essence of human. All this is discussed here in plain text, and the answers that we offer the authors leave the ground for reflection and after the final credits.

Mysterious, ambiguous, allowing for many interpretations of the story in the end formed in a linear chain and answers all the questions a powerful chord. Over the passage of time we are faced with a situation of choice, which seems to have affected the outcome of the trip. However, this does not happen: the ending of the game alone, and all the decisions we do not have any significance for the development of the plot.

This may disappoint some, but on the other hand, perhaps it is such and has been the author’s intention. Games finals can not be called explicitly neither positive nor negative. But it is precisely this leads players SOMA– if the understanding of the devices of consciousness is impossible on some fundamental level, if the question itself about it is paradoxical vicious, then everything in our power – it is humility that faith in the stability and uniqueness of our “I” – just fiction .


Total at the start of the game we have a strong sense of presence, quality sci-fi setting, a deep storyline with the strongest intrigue. Of gentlemen’s list features games Frictional Games still lacks one element – fear. But long before the first meeting with the monster of all falls into place.

SOMA game review

So the game looks kits.

Developers remain true to its principles: minimalist interface, the lack of weapons and maps – all aimed at creating an atmosphere of horror. Inventory player for passage rarely filled. Already at the hero management level feel helpless: no attacks, or the possibility of effects on enemies is not provided.

Visual creatures original implementation is not boring “mnogozubyh” mutants or emptiness of materialized ghosts. The appearance of the enemy carried out in accordance with the general the setting of the game: We expect terrible cybernated iron alloys and human organics.

However, consider carefully the monsters will not be easy – in the dark corridors of a distinguishable outline of creatures, and their appearance in the frame leads to blurred vision of the hero.

The logic of the behavior of each of its monsters. So, one thing only responds to sound, the other can not stand when looking at her. Reptiles, at first glance, are rather unpredictable, but finding individual vulnerability in each of them, you will greatly simplify the passage. However, it is not particularly issleduesh monster, time to get some adrenaline spikes.