Skyshine’s Bedlam

“Bagel” without filling

point is not that the developers have suddenly gone mad and destroyed everything beautiful in its creation. In the final version BEDLAM has changed almost nothing – but this circumstance has played against her.

How can you not fall in love with the story of the post-apocalyptic battles on the engine of The Banner Saga? The setting of the game interface, voice designed in the same style, fascinating, and then reminiscent of adventures in Fallout or of Borderlands . Four colorful factions that populate the vast land BEDLAM, Find the island a happy life in the spirit of the recent “Mad Max”, rolling in on the head by accident – it all looked too charming to be able to prevent pessimistic thoughts.

To “bagels” genre is very important to “cling” Player abundance chance encounters, unexpected twists and surprises combinations of such unexpected events throughout the game. In the preview, we expressed the hope that the quantitative growth BEDLAM help it become one of the season hits. Well, the content has become more – but not much. At least not to the extent, to take on the fifteenth passage of the game with great enthusiasm.

But the problem here is not even in the amount of content the game and not in his capacity as. For example, take The Binding of Isaac– exemplary “bagel”, easily wooing almost infinite replay value. It succeeds him is not so much due to the randomly generated levels and monsters, as due to the many unique items and possibilities of combining them.

Each time with a set of artifacts have changed the style of play and its holistic perception. “Randomly” generated levels and infinite “achivochny” list of gifts in the form of new endings – a nice supplement to the gameplay, which forces the user to discover, investigate, pass the game again and again.

Skyshine & # 39; s Bedlam game review

Always try to trim the hands of cyborgs. You never know where useful.

So, this is the secret ingredient that turns every new passage in surprise, in BEDLAM not. You perform the same steps, and random events only slightly adjust their sequence. Achievement of the main goal – to overcome the wasteland and get to the fabled city of Aztec City – a dozen passages turns into a routine operation with repetitive battles and events.

Neradushny “random”

Each small step on the territory of Bedlam turns to us an unexpected event, presented in the form of a text adventure.

After a couple of dozen of these mini-adventures you realize that they are all different in shape described in these events, but about the same in nature and can be distributed in several categories: in some we are attacked, while others change some resources to other, third stumble a very powerful inhabitant of the wasteland and are able to take him to the team.

If you are lucky, you can find a mysterious object. If you are very lucky, we subsequently natknomsya the corresponding random event in which the subject can be applied, and open a new kind of bulldozer.

Text of the BEDLAM is not bad, there are often very interesting situation, accompanied by colorful animations, but during the game can not help feeling that everything would be much better. Stories lacks humor and speakers, most of them are rather monotonous. Think of “Space Rangers” , where, after carefully prescribed text quests just do not want to return to the main game!

BEDLAM forces to follow the numerical indicators of fuel, food and passengers. Something is always missing, and zero of one of the resources is fraught with failure. After a while you begin to look at the random events and pragmatically concede the descriptive part of the text.

Skyshine & # 39; s Bedlam game review

Blitzometer – kind of “cheating” by the computer.

Save resources will “upgrade” of the laboratory. These mechanics also proved to be quite ordinary: to improve one of the four rooms, we reduce the consumption of resources during the game. And such a primitive “bazostroitelnoy” part, too offensive, since the role of the bulldozer, almost the central figure in the story, could be greatly expanded.