The future of humanity opened on the rich resources of the planet Hephaestus. The new world began to rival the Imperial forces of the consortium and the Free Space Pioneers. Both factions are fighting each other for the possession of dainty portions of Hephaestus, and when the planets are powerful artifacts alien confrontation becomes even tougher.

The player stands on the side of the Free Space Pioneers and helps them to create a database and find the ancient obelisks, seize the land with the resources, as well as to fight with the local wildlife and the enemy faction.


Shock Tactics - review
Crooked localization happy since the beginning of the game.


planetary invaders


After training, the gamer is sent to command a force of mercenaries and develop their database. Our task – to pass on the global map, click on the mission and put forward a combat unit in the hot spots. Its limited budget Point Blank Games did not spend on movies between jobs.

Therefore, the events are served with the help of cartoon stories and text messages. The latter often come at an inconvenient time (for example, during the battle), and describe the events that are either not yet occurred, and it is not clear what it was about, or vice versa, have already happened, and the text itself clearly emerged in the late display.

Sometimes the plot wedged random events that affect the position of the faction if they fail or perform. After starting a new game, the number, frequency and variation change.

In addition to the main task, to offer gamers a mission to do and minor orders. Also on the global map, the gamer has to create his own faction camps.

They provide useful for the development of core resources and money. The larger of the first, the faster growing our camp, and for the soldiers collected the currency bought uniforms, weapons, and special abilities.


Shock Tactics - review
This picture you see often and long during the passage.


Somewhere we have already seen


Every military operation looks familiar to anyone who played in XCOM: Map covered with “fog of war”, is divided into squares, levels in her high-rise, over the enemies and squad members specified percentage of hits, shelter and their types are marked by different symbols shields, while soldiers have action points and the possibility of movement on the two kinds of distances. If you move within the green field, the soldiers then able to commit any action (shoot at the enemy, turn on the tracking enemy movements, to go into protection).

But change your mind and cancel already selected task in one move will not work. If you move on and be in a blue field, then do something on the same course you can not. Unlike other similar games, in Shock Tactics environment is not destroyed, and the weapon does not require recharging. Each fighter got his specialization and special skills,

Pleases the enemy artificial intelligence – it is subtle, varied and cunning. Computer opponents famously go on the sides or back, adequate shelter and are used aimed fire. To fight with AI will be pleased to any fan of the genre.

The main thing you need to remember during the game – you can survive only after the mission and flight to the base. And when you consider that the location in the Shock Tactics are huge, and their investigation takes an average of 30 minutes to an hour, then every decision, order a member of the team and shot one needs to weigh.

On the other hand, players have the aid, which is not in XCOM – when a soldier movement on any square game immediately tells whether he will be able to shoot at the enemy from the new position. This greatly facilitates the fighting and brightens up the pill because of lack of saving.