Shantae Half-Genie Hero

Just a few days ago has appeared the new installment of the saga, entitled Shantae: Half Genie Hero , a title that had been following for a long time and, fortunately, has convinced me fully … as it happened with the previous deliveries.


After raising enough money through the campaign on duty on Kickstarter, Shantae Half Genie Hero takes us back to the multicolored world we were so keen to see again … only this time it has a sensational appearance. And it is noted that this time the d


evelopers have had the necessary time (about three years) and sufficient means to translate their work in a large number of different formats simultaneously. We are happy because, undoubtedly, its quality and the fact that it has been done with the necessary care are noted.


Very imaginative platforms

The plot is totally secondary and, in fact, much of its grace lies not so much in the final goal (which is to end a great danger and build a vital m

echanism for your city) as in the fun routine talks that keeps Shantae with the secondary characters like Boots, Sky, etc. In addition, on m
any occasions these types urge us to perform certain simple secondary tasks (acting as messengers, basically) but that bring chicha to the issue, at least I think so.


Shantae Half-Genie Hero analysis

It is possible to transform ourselves into various animals that, as you already suspect, all have their own characteristics and attributes.

Again, the best part of t


he game is the way to materialize each of the missions that must be fulfilled. And because? Well, because the adventure has a great level design that encourages us to visit the same location several times. Using the special powers that are granted to us by the different transformations (elephant, monkey, etc.) of the protagonist that i


s acquiring as we advance in history, it is possible to find new ways to advance. A “backtracking” that many of us consider fundamental in this type of productions so that they acquire a remarkable degree of depth.


Shantae Half-Genie Hero PC

The animations and final heads are exceptional

The gameplay is supported, beyond the exploration and dialogues with the secondary characters, in other elements such as platforms and action . A classic gameplay of the saga inherited directly from the most acclaimed productions of the era of 16 bits that, for users like me, becomes a gift from heaven in these times.


Shantae Half-Genie Hero

The development of the adventure is flexible and allows us to return to worlds already overcome to try to find new ways.

Of course, the adventure is not exempt from some problems that keep it from reaching outstanding levels, but fortunately all of them are not too important. The most outstanding has to do with its duration since in six or seven hours you will


have overcome the game. We would also have liked to enjoy a greater number of different levels, since only a little more than half a dozen appear. And finally, the title presents certain flaws that are difficult to understand, like some other bug, a somewhat pitiful translation and other details that, I insist, are fortunately not at all serious.


Shantae Half-Genie Hero PC

The setting that has been recreated to give life to this adventure is incredible. It is the best of the saga by far in technical matters.

Where it is impossible to put any stick to Shantae: Half Genie Hero is in everything related to its technical section. In fact I dare to say that it is one of the best productions of its kind in recent months. It is a real delight to observe the majesty


with which the sets have been made. Cheerful, full of color and very well recreated, they transport us to very attractive locations and encourage us to keep moving forward to discover new ones. And as for the performance of the characters, Shantae again enjoys exceptional animations, while the appearance of some final bosses is fantastic.


To this is added a great work carried out in the sound section, with very fun varied melodies and excellent sound effects.