“The art of Candle is not present just to make the game something beautiful”, its directors told me, “but it is intimately linked in the p


layable with the adventure”. And it’s true. Many of the puzzles that the game poses require special attention to the scenarios. You have to look at them, as beautiful as they are, but also because they hide the necessar


y clues to solve the riddles that this title creates with such ingenuity. Sometimes it is subtle and difficult to find the answer to some of your puzzles;


It is said by someone who has jumped into the void, desperately trying to solve some of them. But in general, the pure logicreigns in the magnificent wild world that portrays this challenging adventure in which the minimum error is paid with death. It’s not that much pain either.



An artistic prodigy

As hard as the trip is sometimes, and this is a difficult game, Candle manages to never miss a smile on your face. It is inspired by great c

lassics such as Another World or Flashback , and from there it keeps growing and surprising every step you take. The first puzzles are simple: move a box here, jump over there, activate that switch … until the thing gets complicated, and besides all that, you must dodge enemies using stealth , collect and combine objects, avoid traps and ob
stacles as if of a platform; Of course to solve more brainy puzzles, some very original and, above all, explore; investigate in depth some scenarios that here are the real protagonists of the action.


Candle analysis

Do not be fooled by the beauty of the scenarios; Candle’s world is full of deadly traps … with his own achievements!

It’s what I value most about Candle; is what makes this an above-average adventure. The puzzles, the challenges he poses, do not feel alien t


o that wonderful world painted with watercolors that we explore so passionately. They are part of him; they are one more piece within a complex network of levels that are related to each other, and with the story itself that is told, in such a subtle, so brilliant way, that it is difficult not to applaud the work of Teku Studios in rage.


Candle PC

It is full of memorable moments, of situations with which it is difficult not to get excited

Someone asks you something and that something is in a distant place to access, before you must avoid other tests that require hidden objects, t

hat is, in another scenario. It sounds messy, yes, but Candle poses her action so intelligently, that our advances occur naturally, smoothl
y, without frustration invading us at any time. Are you stuck in a test? Nothing happens, because there are always several tasks to be undertaken before solving that great final puzzle that closes each of the three acts that shape the video game.



One of the great virtues of the game is that it offers a great variety of puzzles that always know how to surprise.

The adventure is full of memorable moments , of situations with which it is difficult not to get excited. Escaping in extremis from an enemy, surviving a death trap, solving enigmas that seemed impossible … one of the great virtues of Candle is that she always knows how to surprise you. Such is the variety of puzzles that he presents, such is his ingen


uity and originality that he will rarely repeat the same actions. In this sense I love the use that has been given to the great and unique special skill of young Teku, the protagonist of the adventure. He carries in his hand a candle with which he can set fire to


certain elements of the stage, but of course, the light attracts the attention of the enemies and, if there is water involved, it can be extinguished. Responding to these problems is sometimes so fun, that in the end you’re left wanting more.


Candle PC

A genuine artistic section of great beauty

You want more Teku, more puzzles, more scenarios to explore. And that we do not talk about an adventure precisely lack of content. Complete the trip, go in search of the shaman of our village, it can take us between ten and twelve hours depending o

n how clever we are. And often ride! Beyond the preciousness of the graphics and the excellent soundtrack that accompanies us, Candle is
also surprised by the quality of his argument . A priori, the story he tells does not seem like a big deal; the typical story with a brave hero in between. And yet everything improves with the passing of the hours thanks to a great plot background that has an irresistible dark touch, devastating, that feels great.



I have missed a final challenge more epic, more exciting, in line with everything that surrounds the last act of the adventure. It is a show, audiovisual and playable, by the way in which all the elements that make Candle great intersect in a brilliant w


ay; but that final test, the challenge with which you say goodbye to the game, has known me little. There are also certain inaccuracies with the control system. It is not something serious, but annoying at specific momen


ts of the game, when Teku does not respond fully to your orders and ends up falling into the grasp of enemies, or in the depths of an abyss. In this sense, it is better to play with command than to use the keyboard and mouse, because this is not an adventure point & click; Here the hero is controlled as you would in any 2D action adventure.


Small details that do not overshadow the heroic work done by Teku Studios; a team with few resources, yes, but that is left over with passion and love for video games. It shows in each of the elements that make this one of the best and most creative advent


ures of recent years. Special mention, once again, to the beautiful music that accompanies the game, with an impressive final theme; and also to the great work of dubbing the Spanish by Pepe Mediavilla , which you will undoubtedly know for being the voice of Gandalf in the films of The Lord of the Rings.