Shadowlands will make it easy to swap covenants and skip the prologue in the Maw – Igromania

Company Blizzard announced that she is ready to listen to the wishes of the players World of Warcraft: Shadowlandsvoiced a year ago. With Update 9.1.5, the company intends to simplify a number of covenant systems and make life easier for additional characters.
In a major mid-term update, players will be allowed to instantly change covenants, starting at a certain level of fame. At the same time, they will be able to continue to use the earned sets of appearance.

After at least one hero on the account completes the covenant campaign, all other characters can immediately receive the third soul bond and the rewards of renown. And the energy system when changing conductors will be removed altogether, allowing them to be changed without any restrictions.

All subsequent characters will be allowed to jump over the opening campaign in the Womb. In addition, players will be able to use hereditary armor (their level will be increased), and those who choose the path of pumping “Threads of Fate” will be allowed to go through Torgast and earn fame.

It is worth noting that most of the upcoming changes were asked by players after the first acquaintance with Shadowlands on the test server. The release date of 9.1.5 has not yet been announced, but testing will begin soon.

And the players Burning crusade classic from September 15, they will be able to get into new raids and fight Prince Kael’thas and Lady Vashj. The first major content update will appear in the game “Lords of Outland“.

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