Shadow Warrior 2

Wang in the house
Nothing has changed at the narrative level, and, we are told, nothing could have changed: Wang has a personality focused after the reboot of 2013, and the tone given to the series by Flying Wild Hog is quite accurate.
Reigning sovereigns, once again, is the bad taste, the trash jokes, the politically most unusual “one-liners”: Shadow Warrior 2 is always dancing between the spontaneous and the stuffy, but surely it will not disappoint the fans of the first episode continuous references to male genital organs and big grain jokes.
To justify yet another demonic carnage, this is a partial personal interest, since Wang is, in spite of her, in hosting the lost soul of Kamiko, daughter of a very dangerous boss of Japanese Yakuza, who, after an experiment from unexpected results, was found out of his body, consumed by a demonic entity. Imagine, then, that you have perpetually in your head the unbearable voice of an unfamiliar, pungent, sarcastic spike that threatens to get comfortable inside your frontal lobe: we too, in place of Wang, would do our best to free it , even mowing thousands of enemies between mafiosi, demons, robotic entities and numerous other assorted monstrosities.
Beyond the perplexity and the continuous double senses, the weave and the thickness of the characters are dangerously close to the cosmic nothing, yet we do not deny that we have smiled in more than one circumstance in the face of the sexist defeat of the protagonist and some of the NPCs, although this was especially the case during the early hours of play, because the raw comicity of Shadow Warrior 2 is lurking around the middle of the adventure.
The move to a more free structure, with several role-playing games, would have allowed a greater development of the narrative side, but the Polish development team focused on gameplay and rising blood, guts, weapons and missions.
Shadow Warrior 2
Rain of bullets
The ingredients of this console version of Shadow Warrior 2 are the same as seen last October on PCs, which means the extreme mobility of the character, a ton of different weapons, yet customizable, monsters as if it rains and a central hub from starting with each of the missions to be undertaken, in sharp contrast to the linear structure of the first episode.
Flying Wild Hog tried to fill the distance separating its product from titles such as Destiny and Borderlands, not so much at the level of productive values, but rather in terms of quantity of content and non-linearity of the action, squeezing ‘look at the casual generation of both game levels and loot levels, which is of far greater importance than the past.
The run, the double jump, the ability to make skirmish lateral crashes and the great importance given to white weapons, which often prove to be far more deadly than distant ones, make Shadow Warrior 2 a peculiar hybrid between a first-person shooter and a “light” version of a Bethesda style role-playing game, with real-time close combat, characterized by frenzy and a certain inaccuracy of hitboxes.
As if all this was not enough, Wang could also use four different spells, although we used to use them very rarely, except that which allows us to recover some of the lost vital energy: the other three allow, respectively , to evoke demonic tentacles that pierce the defective enemies, to become invisible for a handful of seconds and to push back the enemies, whose aggressive attitude leads the player to be often surrounded.
The fire guns, on the other hand, are not praying, ranging from the evergreen sniper rifle to the gun rifles, passing through the rocket launchers, machine guns and guns, but many satisfactions also come from less conventional weapons such as bows, crossbows and even chain saws, each of which can be enhanced or soaked with an element in order to make it more lethal and destructive.