Five best indie games

But first, should still decide that, actually, there is indie, and that – no. Under SIM designation lie independent authoring; they are the same – the video game art house. More often – a penny a financial foundation, homely technical performance, but with a pure creative impulse. In other words, all kinds of “small” downloadable toys, like Shadow Complex or isometric Novels about the adventures of Lara Croft – this is not about that, and by cash.

The main criterion for selection – some (ideally, brilliant or innovative) idea, properly implemented and served customers. Our task in this case – to demonstrate that indie is not just about sweeping the pixels and the spherical soul (which is often simply think out advertisers), but also about the stunning audiovisual and finely adjusted gameplay. In short, about the fact, would not mind to give blood sample 5-10 dollars US.


First in line, of course, Journey – a bird flying high under the patronage of Sony Computer Entertainment. In the Russian version of it they call “travel”, but we are more inclined to the version with a “space”. And all because it is a deep parable about loneliness, the ultimate goal, true friendship and instinctive understanding – in such cases are not taken to operate formulaic concepts.

So Journey – this is your personal odyssey to the supreme light. Odd-looking man in sweeping wanders first garment on the sunlit desert sand, then underwater kingdom, and ascends after (almost in divine interpretation) to land aircraft. Biblical theme carried by red thread of what is happening: we start from the barren lands, but in the end, through obstacles and hardships, we arrive at a certain sacred mountain (Alejandro Jodorowsky approves, that’s for sure).

And where, in fact, the gameplay? So here it is – your personal journey. Forget about shuternoy mechanics, roll from one shelter to another, pumping and collecting loot. The Journey there is only you, the endless expanses of the mysterious world and … you like. Like in Dark Souls, in your reality invade other players. They have no effect on what is happening at the level of gameplay (ie, neither can really help or hinder) – accompanied by a hero to the nearest disconnection to the final light up in passing at the end of the table. But those 5-10 minutes, you pass a side-by-side with each of the travelers, certainly not be forgotten in the near future. This dumb and disembodied communication – piece before the subtle and elusive that it is pointless to describe. Try it yourself, seriously.


Another pilot project for consoles from Sony, the perception of which depends purely on your emotions and personal preferences. But, unlike the Journey, in “Swan sketch” (in Russian localization) and have clearly articulated the history of, and a no gameplay, and even found a place for shooting. However, fans of Uncharted and Gears of War advise hastily roll lips have to shoot balls of paint, and then – not enemies, but rather, in order to revitalize the surrounding reality.

Last – is the basis of the mechanics of The Unfinished Swan. Initially, you (or rather, the young hero Monroe) falls completely white and colorless world. That is, there is nothing around – the continuous veil. The first colorful cast leave a greasy black blot in the midst of a gaping void, the second – will expand the spot, the third – some outlines emerges at this minimalistic canvas. Do you think stupidity some? Certainly not. Saturating virgin paint canvases levels you … you recognize the story!

Here is a local king prince, to the extent of narcissistic and just that and created their (now not) colorful kingdom. Here are some small-town situation and istoriyki, that authentic flavor and echoes of past non-trivial. Want to learn more? Do not be lazy to throw balls with sticky COLOR all the space around. This, incidentally, is surprisingly addictive – like blind palpable inching seemingly empty locations. How many discoveries in the end – do not count!


Do you know what “metroidvaniya”? The origins of the term go back to the cult TV series and Metroid Catlevania (and by combining their names, you will get the desired word). Greatly exaggerating, the word means a kind of adventure game in which you are traveling in a free form on the terribly tangled maze. The individual fragments are opened only in the presence of certain abilities that you only have to get – sometimes at the beginning of the passage, and more – closer to the middle or even the final.

So Guacamelee! – the best “metroidvaniya” in recent years that way five or six. Of course, we are talking about the representatives of the genre of two-dimensional (three-dimensional too, but for them – another time). You control the stereotypical Mexican wrestler: from head to toe studded muscles yes veins in their original and trendy kitsch mask elastic sweat pants. History of the protagonist, so to speak, laid in two or three meaningful proposals – always with a vengeance, seeking justice, and all the attendant. But the right word, in Drinkbox Studios offspring hardly play scenario for the intricacies.

Here reigns, what is called, pure gameplay – that is to say, pure and untroubled gameplay in the best traditions of Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Players with experience already at this moment should be revealing to close the browser, our article and my personal life for a good couple of days, and go to penetrate the virtual color of Mexico. For those who vysheozvuchennye titles about anything do not say, to paraphrase: in Guacamelee! you most certainly waiting for hundreds of platforms, ferocious enemies coveted upgrades, secrets and just what, for the most part, devoid of modern gaming industry.


What do you associate the concept of “ninja”? With classic oriental culture, pronounced in literature, painting and cinema? Or, perhaps, with video games, where we often offer to act as a silent (or not) the killers without fear or reproach? The latter was especially a lot – it was too memorable in Japanese assassin type. Shinobi, Tenchu, Ninja Gaiden – heard the same about these?

Mark of the Ninja in this world – a kind of tribute to unscrupulous killers. In the sense that there is almost no trash and grotesque, no romanticizing image and other commonplaces of cheap clichés. You – the ninja. This, vsamdelishny. How does a ninja? That’s right – b-s-s-w u m n o. Because Klei Entertainment Creation (by Shank and Do not Starve) – is, above all, the stealth action game. And not three-dimensional, like a beloved owners of the first “PlayStation» Tenchu, and old school sprite 2D. It is not surprising – the two dimensions now back in vogue.

From our point of view, the charm of Mark of the Ninja is in the plane of the available options. There is almost no lisp with the player. I mean, here’s a quick glavgeroy, here are clearly prescribed by laws and regulations, that set of options. All the rest – it is, as they say, everyday. Read, yours. Proceed, dear Ninja! You can pass the mission is relatively sloppy, you can build from a universal pro stealth. And all this – in a remarkable visual packaging, perfectly looking at modern-HD displays.


“Hey, you there with oak collapsed – since when was the indie Minecraft !?” – asks the newfound reader. But it has long become. The world’s greatest virtual constructor sprouted not from the pockets of serious investors, and from the Great Ideas (with a capital in both cases). This idea was born in my head the once brilliant beggar, and today the world famous millionaire Markus “Notch” Persson, who now rejoice with the stars of world pop culture. That would hint.

Generally, Minecraft – thing is very strange and “not for everyone”. To begin with, it violates the central tenet of our articles – no pixel graphics. So, here it in excess, even in 3D. It – literally everywhere. Moreover, it is – an essential element of gameplay. In “Maynkraft”, as we know, it is first necessary to tear down everything, and then assiduously to build. And audiovisual in this case, plays a secondary role. Moreover, if he heaped with shaders and the latest version – we would be together and forget about optimizing strictly necessary interactivity.

In fact, Minecraft – the best example of how a non-trivial idea can develop to the size of a real large-scale multi-platform project. Just think: the brainchild of Mr. Persson came first for the PC, and then for all current consoles, and then in a mobile format. And they went out, it should be noted, though not without a number of flaws, but it is currently adequately. Indy with multi-million army of really loyal fans – you’ve seen such a thing? In the case of Minecraft – it’s a matter of course.