Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

The game takes us to a vague Edo period when Japan’s feudal fragmentation coming to an end. In 1615 the shogun finally overcame the last resistance, but hotheads (who held out on the shoulders) did not have time to cool down – a mysterious and powerful daimyo secretly preparing to overthrow the newly appointed emperor. And our group – also secret – will try to wring the neck of a troublemaker.

In contrast to the Commandos, where the only plot-force was the Second World War, in the Shadow Tactics independent composed story about the traitors in the inner circle of the shogun.

Value in it, alas, a little: Dialogues – a detailed briefings, characters revealed minimal and generally reduce communication to the empty chatter and harmless jokes.

It is clear, in any game a pleasure to meet an unusual plot and its supply, but Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun  plot performs a single function, from which he can not get away: justify your travel and tasks.

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Much more important stories and characters in a variety of functionality. Description traditional. Conditional “strong man” in Shadow Tactics – samurai Mugen able to lay several opponents in one fell swoop.

“Sniper” – old man with Takuma anachronistic rifle or manually “tanuki” equivalent dog Whiskey ( Commandos 2: Men of Courage ) and monkey Leone ( Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive). Girl Aiko – like a spy, but she has to disguise tyrit in strictly defined subject areas.

“Minesweeper” – juvenile Yuki gas chamber, which refers by name to his murderous traps and whistles, which inevitably attracts the attention of enemies.

Finally, the most nindzevy Ninja Hayato: It is somewhat out of genre roles as quite secretive, able to take off on a hook-cat, throw shuriken – ninja shorter.

The Shadow Tactics there is no inventory or even locations for objects: each character uses only their skills, some of which use the supplies (bullets, for example).

Even our bodies fighters hauling in different ways: a girl of barely drag, Hayato drags on the back as Dzhey Si Denton, Mugen takes the carcass of a mouse (and easily takes just two) and Takuma in general no one is – the age and health did not allow .

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Despite the negligible area for experiments, Shadow Tactics happy and a variety of landscapes and level structure.

Sprinkled with snow gives way to the temple city high in the mountains, and he – a luxury manor amidst quiet ponds. For Commandos-like games is an iron rule: the level required to be rendered chic and well built. This is not a crash site in XCOM: Enemy Within , where you are, at best, a half-hour allowance. Maps in stealth tactics can not be faded warehouses with boxes, or a half or two, or even three hours svihnetsya player. Or just throw a pass.

No wonder I was talking about many hours pass. Shadow Tactics carries all the same property inherent to games of this warehouse. A handful of heroes against dozens of villains – and then the delicate balance seems XCOM granite monolith! Balance “scales” are so sensitive that even a butterfly upset them and drove off with a bang in the cellar.

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In short – Butterfly drove off. Let’s start with the fact that the total conglomerate of enemies that impede progress toward goals rather scattered. Cones their review do not differ depending on the title, and that they create, so to speak, “the interatomic space.” There is a group of several bedolag which is relatively independent of the other – they are bedolagi – good look after one another, and between their “cone” does not slip and mol. The entire game is broken in this way for hundreds of mikroispytany: beating another “force” you create the security sector, which can be forgotten with a clear conscience.

What’s the problem? Often these groups are so tightly that the murder of one enemy will be seen at once three or four persons, and in such cases they are not soared and immediately raise the fun of shooting at fleeing ninja.

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Some of the soldiers wear straw hats – these guys _nikogda _not_ leave their post, do not go on a patrol route, and in the direction of the suspect or whistles inviting bottle of sake look long.