Sean Leiden explains why he left PlayStation Studios

In an interview Bloomberg ex-head of internal studios Sony stated that he left the company after 32 years of work in 2019 due to fatigue and professional burnout. According to him, he was not so tired of Playstation studioshow much the industry itself as a whole.

The decision to write a letter of resignation was made after the release of the greatest hits God of war and Horizon zero dawn

“The gaming industry is a young business. I put an end to my work at the most opportune moment. It’s time to step down to enable the next generation to launch the PS5. ”

Leiden was replaced by Hermann Hulst, at that time the head of Guerrilla Games

Leiden currently serves on the board of Streamline Media Group, a gaming industry consulting firm.

The head notes that now the cost of production of games is growing and growing – the budget for large projects for the PS5 will exceed $ 200 million. And to mitigate the risks, the developers will likely focus on sequels and new parts of their successful series.

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