Star Citizen has released a major update Underground Infamy – review addiction

Studio Cloud Imperium Games announced the release of the update Star citizen up to version Alpha 3.13. Update Underground Infamy adds a ton of new content to the game, including caves with dangerous exploration missions and two new vehicles.

One of the main innovations of the update was the ability to dock ships. So far, it is only available for selected starship models, but their number will be expanded in the next patches. And players will now be able to track their reputation with factions around the world.

Players will be able to complete new cargo missions, including those that require manually flying to their destination without relying on a quantum engine. They will be assisted in the development of ore deposits by the new Greycat ROC-DS combine, and in the field battles – by the Cyclone MT assault vehicle.

Roberts Space Industries does not even provide an approximate release date for Star Citizen. However, the first component of the game was officially launched in 2013.

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