With which Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is rolling , it is not easy to sneak into the field of collectable cardgames . But this wobbles a little when the new proposal in the TCG ( Trading Card Game ) comes from the Mojangstudios , now


Microsoft and responsible for the ubiquitous and ultra successful Minecraft , capable of delivering successful wonders. Both Windows computers , OSX and Android tablets receive after one year of testing phases this Scrolls , a name that is presented as a proposal


quite different from the usual collectible card games, such asMagic The Encounter, Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh! , but that also intersperses ideas of board games with squares , which takes more experience than in the basic duel between cards. Also with a role and progression component .

And this for the most experienced will be a success, but also a complication for those less used to the table strategy. Not only does it matter what and when you play something but also where you place it once played, which is a very tactical battle loaded with moves and moves to crush 3 of the 5 stone idols from the bottom of the opponent’s field and thus win the departure.


One against onewith essence of football or rugby, dynamics of games of squares and everything under the embrace of a sophisticated TCG. Scrolls, however, is not a difficult game to learn or understand, it is hard


to dominate and where chance has less presence than in others like Hearthstone, its great competitor. Let’s say that here, once we have done with a consistent and developed deck, and everything to our liking, the cards we draw are more predictable and the victory is more in the hands of how well we play.

Scrolls (PC) screenshot

Scrolls (PC) screenshotScrolls (PC) screenshot

In Scrolls the different qualities of the units (creatures or minions), spells, enchantmentsand structures are very quick to see since every card can be improved, develop from the crafting box. There are cards of the same cost and advantages that directly have better figures in their attack or defense, which makes them nonnegotiably better cards, cards that are not in the basic decks and that will cost us


gold coins to develop, find them in the envelopes ( packs ), or in the individual search by category among the four that appear in this first version of the title.

How to get fast gold to acquire more cards? Paying real money It already happens in Hearthstone, but here the virtual coins do not come with daily challenges


that in two weeks make us fill our coffers of the game. Here only victories and other more sporadic events mean gold. The rest must be bought. And this with an initial deck full of basic cards like rats and medium soldiers, does not


let us advance too much until we disburse a few eurillos. Not many. It is clear that the business model is different, and although the game is well worth that small payment that we will almost certainly make, with this invitation to investment behavior,


it risks not working as well as Hearthstone in the community, not functioning at the same level. massive. We will have to see how it flows


and if they start to come outPowerful decks with basic cards that do not require spending money. At the moment, we see something difficult. It is clearly thought so that the more we play, the more we progress and access to improvements.

Scrolls (PC) screenshot Scrolls (PC) screenshot Scrolls (PC) screenshot

Scrolls (PC) screenshot

Hard lateral contention

In Scrolls, the 1v1 battles system is simple, but it is quite marked by the quality of the cards we have. Each unit (creature) has attack and health values, in addition to a turn counter that is left to attack. His blow will always strike him horizontally, executing him on the first obstacle or another enemy unit he finds. If there is nothing in his row of squares that makes it difficult for him


to go to the stone idol of that row, his damage exerts on it, marking the resistance of our adversary. With this approach, the possibilities are triggered as soon as we add the option of movement between rows and permanent or momentary enhancers for our units. In addition to a mana system to play cards based on sacrifice others, system also works to get more cards in hand.

A game of Scrolls against another real player -not against the pretty stupid AI of the game- can last 40 or 50 minutes if we play with the idols to the maximum of life.


This means, unfortunately, that the emotion is lost and even that part of the random factor that can turn the game at any time disappears, something necessary in card games that have to be always unpredictable and here also restrained by the preponderance of know how to play versus having some luck. Let’s say that Scrolls is more like chess than other


TCGs, only that we can also have pawns, towers and horses of higher quality if we have developed cards, more rare, and gold to find or evolve them in their crafting system through sacrifices, packs, and other specific events.