Covenants cannot be changed in Shadowlands, but this is inaccurate – review

Yesterday, April 9, the closed alpha testing of the add-on started World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. At first, access to it was opened to game veterans, journalists and opinion leaders. And one of them, streamer Slooty Mctoot, managed to talk with the director of the game, Jon Hazzikostas.

The main questions concerned the upcoming next class alteration. If in Legion They tried to make them unique, then in Shadowlands they try to “return to the point”, giving players the freedom of choice.

Hazzikostas emphasized that the published list of changes is not final. The developers wanted to announce major innovations in advance in order to be able to collect feedback and continue to work. Some of the skills have already been redone “hot”.

Shadowlands will limit the number of enemies that will suffer damage from area skills. Hazzikostas explained this by the desire to distinguish between “conical” skills and AoE. In addition, those who are used to collecting dozens of monsters and pouring their AoE in this way hint that other tactics are possible in the game.

Armor sets that were abandoned in the Battle of Azeroth may return, but this will certainly not happen in version 9.0. Developers are not going to return to the “master-loot” – the manual distribution of production by the head of a group or raid, so that in Shadowlands everyone will receive their own trophies. The dungeons also do not plan to allow equipment changes, but this is still under discussion.

It is known that players will be able to join one of the four covenants, having received unique skills and other bonuses, including mounts. Covenants cannot yet be changed: developers want the choice of covenant to be important and meaningful.

If it is not possible to adjust the balance of skills, or if the covenant system meets with a serious rebuff from the players, the team can back off. But for now, they want to do everything as intended.

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