Saint Seiya: Soldier’s Soul

Saint Seiya Soul’s Soldiers is the new iteration that Dimps, under the umbrella of Bandai Namco, publishes based on the famous manga and anime that we have known as Knights of the Zodiac. The bet of this installment is to follow the trail of Brave


Soldiers: a one-on-one fight title that for the first time reviews four story arcs, including some unpublished consoles. A game designed for fans of


Seiya and company and that despite showing obvious improvements in the combat system we met in the past generation, is still below what you would expect from a title of the genre and also a game with these characters and this universe.

The debut of the Knights of the Zodiac in the New Generation of consoles probably will not be what many expected. Choosing a fighting game system versus does not have to be bad – in the past we saw other iterations more beat’em up style, for example – in a saga where the main thing is the combats, but the general feeling is that it’s over Missing a good opportunity.


While we have seen more than interesting results with the last Naruto and Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the feeling in the latter is that it has taken a step forward regarding the debatable general level of the saga in the past generation, with Saint Seiya seems not to It has just hit the key even if there are wicks, charisma and some really interesting proposals.

Saint Seiya: Soldiers & # 039;  Soul (PC) screenshot

Simplicity or simplicity?
The combat system is the basis of everything and the key element, although not the only one, to understand if the title works or not. We have a camera that is placed behind the character to perform three-dimensional combats in which we move through the length, width and height of the stage.


The controls are a priori of the simplest: a loose attack button, a strong attack button, one to jump, another to throw flashes and the combination of triggers. With them we can launch special attacks,


we can make attacks on our opponent at full speed, evasions from enemy attacks in the distance or escape from a rival’s combo.

To manage all these elements we have a Cosmos bar that we can load and a second that is loaded according to the actions we are doing in combat and that allow us to activate the seventh cosmos to improve all our properties for a limited time. To all this is added as


the culmination of the Big Bang, the final attack that after a spectacular animated sequence ends with a large part of our rival’s vitality bar. The main problem is that as a fighting game, Saint Seiya does not just have too much travel within a few hours.

Saint Seiya: Soldiers & # 039;  Soul (PC) screenshot

All the characters have basic combos that depend on the beginning with loose or strong attack and the combination of both buttons (musou type combinations, to understand each other). It is true that although they all have the same sequences, the attacks are different and so are the actions, so not everyone can combine a special attack with a specific combo sequence or the other way round.


It depends on each one. The most interesting thing about the game’s combos system is that it allows you to juggle with some ease (lift the enemy from the ground)


and thanks to the thrusts that spend part of the bar of cosmos, follow the attack in the air. Knowing how to use these moves to stalk the opponent when it is fired is the basis of the game’s attack combinations.