Sacred 3

en years ago, Ascaron Entertainment launched Sacred to the market. It was a game of role and action to use, but at the same time added original content. To emphasize, the immensity of its open world, that we could explore completely almost from the very beginning of the game, full of secondary missions and places to discover. So vast was this environment, that


Sacred was one of the first ARPG to include mounts, which we could acquire in the cities and with which we could ride into battle. A fantasy game in which dragons, giants, necromancers, demons, orcs and bandits roamed the Ancaria lands. And a fantastic game,


saving some small mistakes. The Sacred Underworld expansion , which added new areas in the underworld and new playable characters, only added to that feeling.

Sacred 3 (360) Screenshot

Five years later, Sacred2 arrived : Fallen Angel , who remained faithful to his beginnings. A story set two millennia before the events of the original game, which allowed us to enjoy the style of the most classic ARPG in an equally vast environment. This time, its launch was not limited to the PC , and both users of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3


could roam the lands of Ancaria . It also received its subsequent expansion, Ice & Blood, again with additional content and new areas to explore. Although the perceived quality was slightly inferior to that shown by its first delivery, this second part was a great


successor to a fantastic license. He missed, above all, the magnificent location work done by FX Interactive for Sacred and Sacred: Underworld . However, and as we said, a very decent ARPG .

But these two success could not prevent the closure of Ascaron Entertainment , shortly after the release of Sacred2: Ice & Blood . It is here when Deep Silver Games takes the witness of the license, and prepares a spin-off of the saga that, in turn, plays a prequel to the game we are analyzing today. We talk about SacredCitadel , a


side action game set in the same Ancaria , in which up to 3 players can join to deliver heroic mamporros right and left. An entertaining game, certainly, but very far from the sensations that transmitted Ascaron games. As a parallel game to the series, it’s not bad …


Nor like ‘ beat’em up‘, although it does not offer anything that we can not find in other titles, modern and classic, of the same genre.

Sacred 3 (360) Screenshot

Like it more or less, should not worry too much. Sacred Citadel is just an introduction to Sacred 3 , which will surely come to recover what Ascaron Entertainment has not been able to continue. At least, that is what one might expect before launching back into the arduous task of becoming one of Ancaria’s heroes . Well, unfortunately, it will not be like that.


Let’s leave aside all we know about the first two installments of the series, and take Sacred Citadel as the only reference for the third iteration. How? What existed two games before this beat’em up ? Exactly, that is the spirit. It is also the only way to accept Sacred 3 

as a renewal of the product line, and not take more than one dislike. Those who expect to find a continuation in the game – as far as mechanics and style are concerned – it is preferable that they do a clean slate and a new account right now.