Rumor: Bungie is preparing a crossover Destiny 2 and Halo

Studio Bungie allegedly agreed with the company Microsoft on the issue of crossover Destiny and Halo… This is reported by several insiders.

Initially, the information appeared back in early June 2022. July 14 at Reddit additional details have been posted.

At the end of August in Destiny 2 Season 15 kicks off with Bungie celebrating its anniversary. According to preliminary data, players will be able to purchase a set of cosmetic items Bungie’s 30th Anniversary

In particular, the pistol is mentioned Magnum M6D of Halo: Combat Evolved. In addition, all classes will receive their own sets of themed armor. You should also expect equipment from a shooter. Marathon

There is no official confirmation of the information, so it should be treated with caution. At the same time, the studio should celebrate its anniversary in May, not August. However, the pandemic could make its own adjustments.

Bungie plans to hold a launch event in late August to share plans for the future development of Destiny 2. Note that in Halo: Reach was a reference to Destiny, and in Destiny itself you can find a structure that resembles a helmet Master Chief.

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