The legendary race will begin soon: Bethesda presented the details of the first season for the role-playing game Fallout 76

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Company Bethesda released a new episode of “Vesti from the Vault“, within the framework of which she told about the details of the first season starting very soon Fallout 76. It will be available in the game on June 30 along with update 20 and will last until mid-September..

A new progress system will be tied to each player’s account, which will replace the daily and weekly test system and will allow you to earn many different bonuses. Each season will offer a unique theme, awards and trials, will last about 10 weeks and will be available to owners of copies of the game for free.

First season Fallout 76 decorated as a board game. The participants will take on the role of Captain of Cosmos and try to defeat the evil Dr. Zorbo. All current progress will be reflected on the playing field.

Within each season, players will be able to increase their level to the 100th and receive numerous rewards, such as atoms, sets of ability cards and unique cosmetic items, which you can pick up directly from the playing field. For completing daily and weekly tests, you will be awarded S.C.O.R.E points, with the help of which the level of the season will increase.

In addition to more than 40 new cosmetic items, game currency, sets of ability cards, atoms, consumable items, the following rewards are waiting for you during the new season:

  • Lunch boxes – These are new consumable items that give + 25% to the experience and random social gain to you, as well as to nearby players;

  • Ammo converter – it unlocks at level 5 and allows you to exchange unnecessary ammunition for the necessary;

  • Parcels with supplies “Volt-Tech” – These are small sets with materials for making items. Help you replenish your collection of trash;

  • Fireworks – Decorative lights that can be triggered anywhere by painting the sky of Appalachia in bright colors.

  • Glowing in the dark wallpaper will give your modest home a cosmic charm.

  • New weapons such as the Appalachian musketon.

  • New colors of power armor, such as “Atomic Massacre”, as well as white and black versions of power armor “Captain Space”.

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