Rugby 18, the review of a sports title with so many problems

The title shows some depth in the game modes as well as in the available licenses, as most teams have roster and actual divisions. It is therefore possible to drive Italy or other national teams such as New Zealand and Australia, as well as the Premiership and Pro 14 te


ams, including Benetton Treviso. From a gaming point of view, it is useful to point out the classic single, both online and local, as well as the opportunity to play a championship, a cup or several weekly challenges. The focus of the game, however, is represented by Career and My Squad sections. By choosing the first option you will be able to create a team from the personal rost


er that will have to climb the various championships by collecting victories. All this, however, will have to be done keeping an eye on their economic resources, as if at the end of the season there will be no funds the game will end. The talk changes slightly for My Squad mode, where we will be asked to create a custom team that can be used in multiplayer. Currency, in this c


ase, is not affected by wages or expenses for players but will be determined by our successes in certain game activities, such as wins in any game. Overall, gameplay does not passionate: the impossibility of uploading previous bans, for example,

Rugby 18, the review of a sports title with so many problems

It’s all a great mini-game
Rugby is a sport based on quick possessions staggered by breaks in which teams fight for possession of the ball, or where the oval itself is controversial in a more static gaming situation, such as the touche or the ordered mizzies. The representation of this alternation betw


een various types of gameplay is delegated, even in Rugby 18 , to the introduction of mini – gameswho have convinced up to a point. Let’s start with open mixes: in these franchises the dynamics involve both the use of the right stick and the main keys. Al


l this, in fact, makes it slightly complicated to win the jokes, also because at times our players seemed to be reluctant to fit in with ruck. In these specific sequences, but also during touche, the continuous push of the keys transforms the game into a rather annoying button mashing exercise, in the hope that our team will regain possession of the ball. Other speeches deserve the melee and the maul, quite boring to deal with, as you will have to act with the right lever try


ing to follow the on-screen instructions. The handling of transformation kicks is equally delegated to the action of the right lever, and this can cause obvious precision problems even in the case of executions from a distance. One of the worst defects of this approach is that frequent bouts, whether ordered or not, take a lot of time, and all of this makes the matches rarely end with two or more goals scored. In our multiplayer and IA trials, also by selecting the highest level of difficulty,

Another element that does not meet Rubgy 18is a strong sense of approximation that concerns the realization of athletes and IA. The impression is that they are back in the time of about fifteen years, when in sports games the difference between the athletes of a team was minimal and not really influenced by the role or the body. Being able to jump between the jersey of the pylon defense is a business that appears almost possible, while the wings seem to end all too soon. Being able to orga


nize a classic action on the hand then becomes complicated because of the mood of our companions, most of the time only able to run towards the direction of the ball, in fact destroying any organic passage. Managing numerous moments of play by our opp


onents, in addition, often appears to be devoid of a particular sense, and many times we were perplexed to observe the succession of dangerous, volunteer offensive gambling and an incredibly high number of forward moves. Continuous game breaks result in touched, tricky or kicking situations that, as we have seen before, introduce additional problems, and this can make it clear how games playedRugby 18 is not just a pleasant experience. A great play for

Rugby 18, the review of a sports title with so many problems

No, we did not forget a word in the title of this last paragraph dedicated to graphics and sound. Our volunteer volunteer serves to introduce another bitter chapter of the game, namely the telecronaca entrusted to Ben Key and Nick Mullins. Beyond the appar


ent rigidity of the pronunciation of words, what really surprised us were the sudden pauses at the end of the sentences, which in many cases are brutally cut, just like the title of our paragraph. The first time we thought we felt bad, but the numerous reps removed our doubts, and confirmed the problem. It is a particular perhaps not so bright,

especially for those who mastize little English, but that helps to diminish the consideration of a game that, even on a graph, does not propose a hig


hly positive level. The versionPlayStation 4, proven by us, shows a certain poverty of the shadows and the definition of some textures. Polygonal models are not entirely evil, especially close, but in general you can not say that the quality is high. The biggest problems are animations, which in some cases are well-executed, but which appear to be


too loose between them, especially at moments when the stroke is interrupted and engaged in a plating or in the phases where the momentum takes place towards the ball that returns to the ground after a kick. We conclude by mentioning other annoying ingenuity, such as continuous replay (fortunately skipping) after numerous fouls, or wanting to force the name of the stadiums (simply called “Stage 1”, “Stage 2” and so on ) in the start-up presentation graphics.