Ronin-Geralt: The Witcher: Ronin Manga Campaign Has Begun

The story presents a free plot, which is not related to the original works – according to the plot, the witcher will hunt the snowy spirit of Yukki-onnu in ancient Japan.

All those who support the endeavor on the first day will be presented with a collectible figurine depicting a battle between Geralt and a winged creature from local beliefs.

In addition, there are all sorts of bonuses for different levels of support – they include a postcard, a digital version of the comic, additional art, a special cover, and so on.

Judging by the rate of collection, the required amount of 107 thousand dollars will be collected in the near future – at the moment it has exceeded 90 thousand.

The manga will begin to be sent in January 2023 – there is no Russian localization in the set, however. But it is quite possible that someone will later take up the official translation.

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