Ales Kafelnikova took off everything and showed herself

The famous model Ales Kafelnikov, daughter of the famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov and ex-girlfriend of rapper Gleb Golubin (Pharaoh), decided to throw off all his clothes and instead cover the most important with large flowers.

According to, supermodel Alesya Kafelnikova took part in a new unusual photo shoot in which the girl had to completely throw off all the clothes in front of the photographer. Kafelnikov was photographed without anything in interesting poses, and they hid the most important thing from the audience, covering the girl with large exotic flowers and buds. Kafelnikova posted pictures from the photo shoot on her Instagram page, where she surprised her subscribers.

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Publication by Alesya Kaf (@kafelnikova_a) Dec 28, 2019 at 10:40 am PST

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Publication by Alesya Kaf (@kafelnikova_a) Dec 12, 2019 @ 6:22 am PST

Users enthusiastically reacted to new shots with Kafelnikova with almost nothing. Many wrote that the girl looks beautiful, and they fell in love with these shots. Some directly began to ask Kafelnikov why she is so beautiful, and how you can continue to live with it. The comments also called Kafelnikov a muse, a nymph and even a work of art. According to, the publication of the model was appreciated by more than 20 thousand people, among whom there were not many who did not like what they saw.

Alesia Kafelnikova, 21, last year experienced a difficult period in her life, during which the girl had problems with drugs, and she even thought about suicide. However, Kafelnikova found the strength to cope with problems, and soon again devoted herself to a career.