Role-playing step-by-step Lost Eidolons is coming to Early Access this year – Igromania

Studio Ocean drive announced her debut project. This is a single player role playing game Lost eidolons with a classic turn-based tactical combat system. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Artemesia.

Our main character is Eden, a mercenary from the city of Lonette. He became the victim of a conspiracy of aristocrats and now he will have a long journey full of betrayals, bitter goodbyes and moral dilemmas. But in the finale, he learns what his role really was.

We have to lead a squad of companions, some of them will be associated with side missions. The success of the campaign largely depends on what equipment went to the members of the squad and what kind of relationship they have with the leader. But at the same time, in battles, we will be able to lead not only our own detachment, but also large units of soldiers.

Lost Eidolons is due in Early Access on PC this year. And in 2023 it is also planned to be released on the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles.

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