Road Not Taken

Road Not Taken  -game “roguelike” genre, in which you had the opportunity to play the role of a mystical forest ranger who has come from nowhere to permanently snow-covered town.

Immediately after arrival you will know that every year the kids are going to the forest in search of berries, but back back not all. And you entrusted responsible mission – rescue stray children in the woods. It would seem that this is no big deal, but it is only at first glance.

Ahead you will find a fifteen year old career. One year – one level. Every next year will be more and more difficult: lost children will be more storms will go more often, and the energy will be lost soon (more on this later).

Save all children optional but desirable. For the mayor, who gave you this mission it will be enough and a half, but do not forget that the reward is also defective.

The children themselves, as a rule, lie curled up in the most secluded places on the map, and often close to the dangerous subject.

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Our forester working in the energy, which is also his life. You can move almost all the objects on the map, using levitation. Lifting and throwing things does not expend your energy, but if you move it, then with each turn will lose 1 power unit and, therefore, life.

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Each new year the forest is generated randomly, adding something new and removing old. It is a chessboard with a lot of different things on it. At each location there is a junction, but the passages are blocked. To open them, you need to put a few specific items next to each other, which sometimes turns out not at once.

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In the city you can find a couple of people and even make them your friends. If you talk to them, you will get a gift something of value. Esli give them one of game currency (coins, fruit, rice, rabbit), they will be able to share with you advice, new crafting or some talisman, which will greatly facilitate your life.

Every year the residents will be replaced by their descendants, respectively, will change their character and habits, and you have to build a relationship again. However, not all so simple. If you pay much attention to one person, the other jealous, and will avoid you, so it is necessary to observe a certain balance.

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Moreover, the city is ours, roughly speaking, the base, namely, the house in which to store our mascots, souvenirs, all kinds of awards and a cat.

After each death you will appear at on the basis of, or rather, have a new you. And remember, all the charms that were you before his death, disappear, and they have no way back.

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As you have probably guessed, the game has a craft, and it greatly affects the gameplay. For example, to open a passage, you will need a certain item, but to get it, you need to combine a couple of other items that, in turn, also need to create.

Also, some craft can greatly ease your life. Combining 4 ghosts we will get the ax, if we apply the ax to the tree – get a log, and already crossed 2 of logs together – we get a fire, which in due time will allow you to move to the subject, without wasting energy.

In general, Spry Fox gets quite beautiful and lovely indie game with a bunch of adorable creatures and interesting gameplay. However, all this monotony soon get bored, and after the discovery of at least half of the craft you just do not want to spend more time on it, and all the more pereprohodit several times.